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JNPO: The one about UFC and WWE TV deals, pt. 1

It's WrestleMania season, but it's also TV rights deal season for the two major players in the combat sports industry: UFC and WWE.

As we turn the corner on the first quarter of 2018, there's still no indication of where either will land, but there's a lot of intrigue as what their moves will be, what they'll mean to future TV deals with other leagues, and what that will meant to presenting their individual products in the future.

Joining me to discuss this in the first of a few focused podcasts on the TV rights business is sports media reporter and podcaster Andrew Bucholtz of Awful Announcing and The Comeback, someone who has been on the case for quite some time. 

On the docket:

- How the MMA union/association movement can learn a few things from the Canadian Football League players association

- A deep dive into the current situation the UFC find themselves in, including the lack of interested parties and why that is

- A look at the streaming players and how they fit into the equation, if at all

- The unusual coincidence that both WWE and UFC are going for new deals at the same time and how Ari Emanuel is negotiating both

- The future of PPV and how's it far from dead...and much more.

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