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JNPO: The other Jon Jones on his unlikely trip into the UFC bubble

Social media can be a strange, yet beautiful thing at times. It's a place where a self-proclaimed tech geek with a soft spot for rescue animals can be confused daily with one of the best MMA fighters of all time who constantly finds himself in trouble.

As an aside from the usual UFC 214 coverage you're getting (like my chat with Josh Gross from earlier this week), I wanted to take a slight detour and talk with someone who has found himself as the target of many a Twitter diatribe for things he didn't do: "the other" Jon Jones.

In a fun 20-minute chat, Jon and I talked about how he found himself in the MMA world without having followed the sport, how he's humorously dealt with all of the attention thrown his way, who he's met from the MMA world, becoming friends with "the other" Daniel Cormier, and plenty more. 

If you're looking for a few laughs at a truly bizarre set of circumstances, this 20 minutes is for you.

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