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ROH Mt. Pleasant, MI, live results: The Soaring Eagle Cup

Submitted by reader Zachary Watts

Ring of Honor was at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan on Saturday night for a show that included a one-night tournament to crown the first winner of the Soaring Eagle Cup. Here's a rundown of the event:

- Jay Briscoe interrupted an opening match between a local wrestler and someone from the ROH school. Briscoe interfered, challenged them to a handicap match, and then destroyed both of them. He did some heel mic work after.

- Dalton Castle defeated Flip Gordon in a first round Soaring Eagle Cup match

This was a fun match and both guys were pretty over. The finish came out of nowhere, with Castle countering one of Gordon's various flips into the Bang-a-Rang.

- Frankie Kazarian defeated Jay White in a first round Soaring Eagle Cup match

White was seemingly in control until Kazarian kicked him in the groin to steal the win. That was after they had a pretty good match that got some time.

- Matt Taven defeated Jay LethalĀ in a first round Soaring Eagle Cup match

Taven was better than I expected here and worked really hard to get heel heat. The fans didn't care about him much at first, but he got some good boos later on. He won with another kick to the groin while the referee was distracted.

- ROH World Champion Cody and Christopher Daniels went to a time limit draw in a first round Soaring Eagle Cup match

Another solid match. It wasn't spectacular but had solid work. Cody demanded five more minutes at the end, but Daniels said he wouldn't wrestle him any longer unless the ROH title was on the line, plus Daniels said he wanted Kazarian to win the cup so both of them being eliminated was fine with him.

Cody offered to put his title on the line, but Daniels still refused. Cody then got the fans to cheer for his wife's family at ringside, with him bringing in a young girl who pinned him to "win the title."

- Silas Young defeated Cheeseburger in a first round Soaring Eagle Cup match

Young came out and said that they added a fifth qualifying match due to Cody and Daniels going to a draw. He then got the pin on Cheeseburger in an impromptu match. The people who knew Cheeseburger had a lot of fun with this, but there wasn't much to the match.

- ROH World Tag Team Champions Motor City Machine Guns defeated The Dawgs (Rhett Titus & Will Ferrara) and Nick Jackson & Adam PageĀ to retain their titles

Jackson and Page were very over, to the point that some people turned against the hometown MCMG. This was a really fun match in the typical Young Bucks style, even though there was only one of them.

There was lots of comedy and high flying. The Dawgs got fairly over comedy wise with a lot of miscommunication-based offense, but no one cared about them as much as the other teams. MCMG retained after pinning Ferrara. The Bullet Club's stuff was insanely over, including tons of "One Sweet" and "One Buck" chants.

- Dalton Castle defeated Matt Taven, Frankie Kazarian, and Silas Young in an elimination match to win the Soaring Eagle Cup

This was a pretty fun main event. They started with some comedy as everyone (including the referee) got kicked in the groin. Kazarian's facial reaction to the fans chanting "one more time" after that was pretty funny. Later, Castle and Taven did a long tombstone reversal exchange, ending when Castle hit the move and did the Undertaker pin with his tongue sticking out.

Castle ended up eliminating Young with a Bang-a-Rang and tapping Kazarian out with an ankle lock. That left Castle and Taven alone, with them having a good little match that ended when Castle hit the Bang-a-Rang to win the Soaring Eagle Cup.

After the match, Castle did a speech saying that ROH would come back to Mt. Pleasant and that everyone had a great time.