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ROH TV results: Wild tag action as Cody returns to Ring of Honor

Cody (Rhodes) in ROH

Ring of Honor television from this past week continued the series of episodes taped at Center Stage Theater in Atlanta. The show was the second to last episode taped in Atlanta and featured Cody the American Nightmare’s first appearance since his TV debut.

In the rotating guest announcer spot that changed with each different episode filmed at the tapings in Center Stage, Mark Briscoe joined Kevin Kelly for commentary during most of the show.

The show from this past week opened with a vignette featuring Cody (Rhodes) as his new “American Nightmare” persona. The video package was the same as the version used by New Japan to hype his debut in that promotion.

A graphic read “Cody is coming," and at the end of the video, Cody snuffed out a cigar on a Wrestle Kingdom poster. ROH co-opted the teaser for Cody’s appearance on this show.

Hangman Page defeated Matt Sells

Page jumped Sells before the bell, kicking him in the face. Page proceeded to pummel Sells proverbially from pillar to post. He even threw him into the ring post. Page springboarded into a flip clothesline before finishing off the beating with the Right of Passage and the pinfall.

Afterwards, The Young Bucks stormed the ring and superkicked Sells. Cody and ROH World Champion Adam Cole strolled to the ring. The crowd chanted Cody’s name and “welcome home.” Cody responded to the latter by kneeling down to kiss the mat.

Cody went on to address the audience and said he waited eleven years to hear such a reception in Atlanta. He then asked what took them so long and went on to cut a promo on the city. Cody buried the city and went heel on the crowd.

Cody called out Jay Lethal, saying people referred to him as the gatekeeper of ROH. Cody then insulted Lethal by saying he was a “doorman” instead. Lethal marched to the ring and got on the ring apron to confront the Bullet Club.

Cody invited him into the ring, but Lethal was reluctant being outnumbered five to one. Cody spat at Lethal, who then charged into the ring to take down Cody. The other four members of Bullet Club then began putting the boots to Lethal.

Bobby Fish ran down to try and make the save. He was cleaning house, but the numbers game was soon too great to overcome. As a gang attack began on Fish, other babyfaces ran in to help make the save.

A multi-person brawl ensued as Jay White, Lio Rush, and Alex Shelley hit the ring. After a commercial break, the brawl was over with and four people remained in front of the crowd as a tag match began.

Bobby Fish & Jay Lethal defeated Adam Cole & Cody

Fish and Lethal got to shine early on. Cody and Cole conspired to cut off Fish, leading to the heat spot. They worked over Fish, keeping him on their side of the ring. Fish fired up and sent Cole into the turnbuckles with an exploder into a corner.

Upon a hot tag, Lethal ran wild and cleaned house on Cody. Cole jumped back in the ring to break up a pinning attempt. Lethal caught Cole with the Lethal Injection and went for a pin. Referee Todd Sinclair refused to count because Cole was not the legal man.

Fish and Cody squared off and Fish got a near fall on Cody. Cole tagged in to cut off Fish with a superkick. Lethal jumped in to execute the Lethal Combination on Cole. Cody clotheslined Lethal, who took a nasty bump on his head and neck.

All four were down selling as the show cut to commercial. Back from the break, a slugfest ensued. Lethal did a tope through the ropes on Cody, leaving Cole and Fish in the ring for the finish.

Cole went for a shining wizard but Lethal caught him in a kneebar. Cole tapped out for the submission with Fish scoring a victory over the champion.

In a backstage skit, Dalton Castle hyped up The Boys for a match against The Rebellion later in the show.

Kevin Kelly interviewed Mark Briscoe about his brother Jay being in the Decade of Excellence tournament final on the next and last episode from the Center Stage tapings.

In a backstage promo, Frankie Kazarian talked about his tag partner Christopher Daniels also being in the tournament final. Kazarian said this could be Daniels' last chance for one more big run. He categorized the match as a must-win for Daniels.

Mark Briscoe defeated Sal Rinauro

Briscoe left the announce booth to have a quick match where he ran roughshod on Rinauro. Briscoe even gave him a blockbuster on the floor. Rinauro briefly got some offense and a near fall after a Michinoku Driver. Briscoe quickly regained the advantage and climbed on top of a turnbuckle. Briscoe leapt off with a Froggy-bow and covered Rinauro for the pinfall.

In a sit-down interview, Bobby Fish discussed the amicable breakup of reDRagon. Fish mainly talked about wanting to regain the World TV title. This segment was similar to a UFC promo, though maybe a little more theatrical.

Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser rotated into the guest commentary role for the last match on the show.

The Rebellion (Kenny King, Rhett Titus & Caprice Coleman) defeated Dalton Castle & The Boys

Castle and King started the match with a pose off. Colt Cabana, a rival of Castle, appeared at ringside with a six-pack of beer. He bribed Bruiser to give up his commentary spot to Cabana.

The focus of the match was making The Rebellion into contenders for the six-man titles. Likewise while Young and Bruiser were on commentary, they talked about still looking for a tag partner to go after the ROH six-man titles.

The Boys mostly got manhandled in the match. Castle got plenty of his own offense, but Rebellion singled out a Boy to eventually win. Titus jumped off the top rope with a frog splash on one Boy and pinned him.

Six-man Champions The Kingdom appeared onstage to taunt The Rebellion as the show closed.

On the next episode of ROH TV, Christopher Daniels and Jay Briscoe meet in the finals of the Decade of Excellence tournament. The winner goes on to challenge for the World title at the next pay-per-view.

The latest episode begins airing this weekend in syndication. The show is then available Monday evening via the FITE TV app before airing on Wednesday at midnight ET on Comet TV, including that channel’s online live stream. The episode is then available to watch on Thursday via the official ROH website.