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Billy Corgan, TNA & Anthem settle their financial differences

Billy Corgan

In a surprising move Friday, Billy Corgan announced on Twitter that he signed a settlement with TNA & Anthem Sports & Entertainment.

The leader singer of the Smashing Pumpkins didn't say much but did mention he'll be doing some media next week to "fill in the blanks" and "spell out what is/isn't in" the settlement.

Anthem property The Fight Network tweeted that they are "happy with arrangements made w/Mr. Corgan, allowing Impact Wrestling to put this behind them and focus on producing great shows."

The arrangement ends a contentious fall season for Corgan, Anthem, and TNA which saw Corgan file a lawsuit against TNA over gaining control over the company due to unpaid loans. The judge denied that claim, but as of the November 1st deadline to be paid back, Corgan still hadn't been made whole which led to a formal request for payment, hampered by a complicated contract arrangement.

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