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Edwards vs. Morrissey hardcore match set for Impact Homecoming

In a Slammiversary rematch, Eddie Edwards will battle W. Morrissey in a hardcore rules match at next Saturday's Homecoming on Impact Plus.

Edwards cut a promo on Morrissey Thursday and was upset about how Morrissey picked up the win. He then challenged him to a fight in the parking lot and the two had a weapons-laden brawl that included garbage cans, traffic cones and a cooler. Edwards eventually ran him off with kendo sticks.

Last Saturday saw Morrissey use a chain on Edwards followed by a power bomb to remain undefeated.

The July 31st special will feature an eight team, mixed tag team tournament to determine the Homecoming King and Queen. No official teams have been announced, but one expected team (Brian Myers and Tenille Dashwood) split up Thursday as Dashwood had no interest in teaming with Myers.

The show will also feature a yet-to-be-announced title match.

All matches were taped last Monday and Tuesday in Nashville, Tennessee, following Slammiversary.