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The Hardys done with TNA barring drastic changes

Here are a few more details on the Hardys situation --

Since the report this morning, the talks with the Hardys and TNA fell apart and the Hardys, unless something drastic changes, are done and will not be coming to television to be written out of the promotion or drop the titles, which they were willing to do.

TNA wanted them to sign a short-term deal to put them on television but they wanted to remain free agents and not sign a new deal, since TNA wanted the ability to book them on independent dates. It is not a lock they are WWE bound, but that does seem to be the likely result. We'll talk more about this tonight on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Rebecca Hardy wrote on Twitter today: "I've said it many times. TNA was the perfect situation for our family and how grateful I was for professionalism/open communications/respect...Now think about what kinds negative changes and straight f***ery would have to go down for us to leave."

The big argument right now is who owns the rights to the Broken Hardy character as TNA claims ownership and that they would not be allowed to keep the character in WWE. Matt claims, as reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, that TNA owns the rights to anything filmed for TNA but he owns the names and all the characters. 

With the contracts of Matt & Jeff both expiring this month, they can start anywhere immediately. Those in TNA believe they are WWE bound, knowing that they are a hot act and at their age, the window would close if they don't think about going now.