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Omega vs. Callihan set for Impact Slammiversary, Callis fired as VP

Sami Callihan was reinstated on Thursday's Impact Wrestling and will indeed face Impact World Champion Kenny Omega at Slammiversary on July 17th.

As part of that decision, Don Callis was fired as an Impact vice president in a message delivered by Tommy Dreamer via the Anthem Sports & Entertainment board.

Callis fired Callihan last Saturday at Against All Odds when he attacked Omega and the Young Bucks following Omega's title defense over Moose, leaving him out of his scheduled match against Omega at Slammiversary.

An Anthem representative was said to be coming to Impact Thursday to help resolve the situation, but Callihan made a surprise appearance near the end of the show demanding to talk to Scott D'Amore. D'Amore came out and said he agreed Callihan was screwed over, but they had to wait for Anthem. Callihan then disappeared and Callis came out. 

As Callis and D'Amore were discussing the situation and Callis' dislike for the Impact roster, Dreamer came out and revealed he was Anthem's representative. He said their message was that Callihan was reinstated as was his title shot. He then added that the board ordered someone to be fired and that was Callis. An irate Callis was later confronted by Callihan in the back who promised to hurt Omega at Slammiversary.

In real life, Callis had been transitioning out of the VP role for a year and was officially done in the spring after nearly four years as a VP.

Speaking of Moose, the former no. 1 contender also has a date for Slammiversary as he will face Chris Sabin. As Moose demanded some answers Thursday, Sabin came out and attacked him as retribution for Moose laying him out several weeks ago. He then challenged Moose to a match at Slammiversary that was later confirmed on Twitter.

Slammiversary is set for Nashville, Tennessee, and will have live fans in attendance.