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TNA teases debut for Impact Thursday

TNA is teasing a debut for Thursday's episode of Impact, and all signs point to it being Cody Rhodes.

The company released a video on Wednesday afternoon advertising that "He is coming." The video claims that the debuting wrestler's past is behind him, his future is now, and all roads lead to tomorrow night. The video features a man in a suit, but never reveals who it is.

Thursday's episode of Impact has already been taped without Rhodes or anyone else debuting in front of the audience, so it seems likely that whoever debuts will be doing so in a pre-taped segment that wasn't seen by the crowd.

Rhodes' friend -- and former in-ring rival -- Stephen Amell retweeted the video and called the debut a game changer.

Dave Meltzer reported earlier this month that Rhodes' wrestling future would involve working for TNA, though Meltzer noted that Rhodes wouldn't be signing an exclusive deal. TNA announced on Monday that they had signed Rhodes' wife Brandi to a contract, and that she would be joining the promotion as an active wrestler.

The video teasing the debut is available to watch below: