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Impact Wrestling results: Eight man tag team action

Impact Wrestling results: 8-man tag team main event

Impact Wrestling returns from Nashville, TN for this week’s episode. The show opened with a graphic for Barry Scott, who the show was dedicated to.

The opening video recapped Eric Young’s attack on Eddie Edwards and the subsequent old school rules match with Tommy Dreamer from last week, which led to Rich Swann’s return.

Kylie Rae & Susie defeated Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee

Purrazzo and Rae started the match with a lockdown. Purrazzo quickly gained advantage with her technical skill, and as much as Rae had a chance to reverse, Purrazzo still had the advantage. Rae nonetheless went for a small package for a two count, enraging Purrazzo who tagged out. 

Kimber Lee came in and got taken down by Rae with a rana and an arm drag into an armbar before tagging in Susie. The babyfaces hit a couple of running clotheslines on Lee, ending with a double bulldog for a two count. Susie held her own against Lee, but Purrazzo got her with a knee to the back allowing Lee to hit a big boot for a two count. 

Lee, now in control, locked a deep single leg and a couple of clubs to the back. Purrazzo tagged in for a double suplex and a near fall. Purrazzo punished Susie with strikes while Susie would find some hope spots, such as a sunset flip pin out of nowhere for a two count. Purrazzo and Lee, however, kept her down. 

Susie started to make a comeback with punches, hit an atomic drop, and a flatliner to get Purrazzo off and tag in Rae, who came in hot against Kimber Lee. Rae went for the Kylie special, but Lee blocked it, so instead Rae did a cartwheel to escape Lee and superkicked her, hit a cannonball, and got a two count when Purrazzo broke it off. Rae got rid of Purrazzo from the ring, but Lee was there to hit a German on Rae. 

Susie tagged in, but went straight into another German Bridge by Lee for a two count. Lee went for the swanton bomb, but Susie hit the arachrana and the panic switch for the win. 

After the match, Susie had some Su Yung episodes, but Kylie Rae calmed her down. 

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne ran down tonight's card and told us that Rich Swann is in the arena, ready to address the audience.

Backstage, Rohit Raju was confronted by Trey Miguel, who told him that he’d been dodging everyone. Trey asked Rohit for a shot, but Rohit told him that it was still between TJP and Bey who were in front of the line. Trey told Rohit that he wanted a shot after he defeated TJP tonight.

In another part of the arena, Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz approached John E. Bravo, who told them they weren’t the best men. He picked Fallah Bahh, who happened to be there. 

XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) defeated The Deaners (Cody Deaner & Cousin Jake)

Acey and Cody started the match, with the latter offering a truce, but Acey wasn’t having it and instead kicked him, tossed him to the corner, and along with Larry D, sent him flying and into an Acey senton for an early two count. 

XXXL worked over Deaner for a while, mostly strikes, clubbing him on the back to keep him down. Cody eventually managed to escape and tagged in Jake, who hit a corner spear and sidewalk slam on Larry D for a two count. Deaners double-teamed Acey and went to finish Larry D, but Acey recovered and pounced Cody out of the ring. 

Cousin Jake slammed Acey Romero, but Larry D was there to knock him out with a straight right to the face for the win.

Trey Miguel defeated TJP

Match started with a great sequence of chain wrestling into pin exchange into a battle for wrist control and into the fast-paced sequence of counters and reversals ending with Trey getting a two count after a standing moonsault. 

TJP came back with some beautiful submission work into a sharpshooter, then transitioned into a last chancery for a submission tease, but Trey made the ropes. TJP hit a senton atomico for another two count. TJP kept working the legs, locking in a knee bar with a butterfly. Trey escaped and went for the crossbody, but TJP was ready with a dropkick. 

TJP went for the corner ten punches, but Trey blocked, hit some cheeky nandos and went for the Trey19, only for TJP to block it. Trey recovered and hit a spinning kick. Followed with a rana to the floor and a tope suicida. 

Back in the ring, Trey went to the top rope, but TJP blocked him and hit a superplex, transitioned into an octopus stretch, but as Trey approached the ropes, TJP transitioned into an ankle lock. Trey made the ropes.

TJP kicked Trey’s hamstrings, hit a knee breaker, but Trey still hit a desperation dropkick. TJP with a big tornado DDT, went for the mamba splash. Trey dodged, hit a standing meteora and a top rope meteora for the 1-2-3.

Commentary sent us backstage to where The North, Ace Austin, and Fulton were taking out The Rascalz. MCMG arrived afterward to check on them. After commercials, a doctor told MCMGs that The Rascalz were not cleared to compete tonight. He gave no answers when Shelley asked about the CT scans. 

Shelley and Sabin were approached by Karl Anderson and Gallows and offered to help. Karl is a machine gun, they are machine guns, it all works out.

Rich Swann came down to the ring, still in crutches. Swann said he wanted to do this in the ring and not an office, and so he called out Scott D’Amore to the ring. Swann told D’Amore that not long ago he had to come down here and retire, but as he was home, he saw the man that killed his career become the Impact World Champion, so Swann requested a chance to get in the ring again and fight EY.

D’Amore told him that he was not cleared by the doctors. Swann said that he will be ready for Bound For Glory and that he has a pin over EY, so he deserves a shot. D’Amore doubled down that he is not cleared and that in his condition, going against EY would leave him in a worse situation. Swann said he didn’t care if he ended up crippled after BFG, he wanted his hands on EY. He begged for the match. 

Before D’Amore could answer, EY came down and struck D’Amore, but in the distraction, Swann jumped at him and took him down, punched him, forcing EY to run away. EY said that Swann won’t leave BFG alive. D’Amore shut them both up and confirmed the match for Bound for Glory.

Taya approached Rosemary and asked her why she wasn’t there with her for the match with Tasha Steelz. Rosemary said that she had been busy doing a resurrection. Taya asked her to join her. Rosemary agreed but first, she had to do some more wedding stuff.

Willie Mack defeated Brian Myers

Mack punched Myers to start the match, hit an armdrag and dropkick before sending Myers to the floor, where he hit a pescado. 

Outside the ring, Myers hit a side leg sweep on the ramp. Mack made it back before the 10 count, but Myers started working over him with a suplex for a two count. Knee to the back and sleeper, but Mack made it to his feet and punched Myers away, only to get his leg swept and Myers went back to controlling the match.

Myers pulled the turnbuckle off and tried to slam Mack, but was blocked. Myers still kept control, taking down Mack with a back elbow, and once again, into the knee to the back and head submission.

Mack powered up and hit a backplex to break Myer’s submission. He hit a clothesline, spinning back elbow, scoop slam, and leg drop for a two count. Mack went for the Samoan drop, but Myers dodged, hit an enzuigiri and big scoop slam for another two count. 

Myers went for a DDT, but Mack countered with an exploder. Myers kicked the rope between Mack’s legs and hit the DDT, but could only get a two count. Myers accidentally ran into the exposed turnbuckle and Mack got him with the stunner for the win. Boring match.

Rosemary approached Havok, who she asked for help to resurrect Mitchell since Havok had done the killing. Havok said she wouldn’t help, so Rosemary had to insist, provoking Havok to get physical with her. Nevaeh pulled Havok off and they left.

Moose went to D’Amore and told him that he needed to do something about ECIII, who had been stalking Moose. D’Amore didn’t believe Moose and told him that maybe this was all in his head. 

ECIII then showed up in a projector telling Moose that the clock was ticking and that he’d destroy the title soon. Moose called the “Demo God” asking about who to call about stolen title belts, and finally Moose knew what he had to go.

Rhino snuck Heath into the arena, they’re gonna try and get some money from Hernandez.

We got a photoshoot with Tenille Dashwood that was interrupted by Jordynne Grace, who asked why she wasn’t wrestling. She told Tenille that they have a match next week.

Kiera Hogan (with Tasha Steelz) defeated Taya Valkyrie

Taya jumped Hogan to start, carrying her to the corner and delivering a couple of boots and kicks to the back. Taya slammed Hogan to the turnbuckle and tossed her to the floor. 

Hogan tried to build some momentum, but Taya easily stopped her with a back elbow and double foot stomp to the back for a two count. 

Hogan caught Taya with a low kick and a running boot for another two count, but when she went for the swinging neck breaker, Taya blocked, hit a big knee, and once again tossed her to the floor.

Taya hit a running clothesline, then a running hip attack to the corner, but when she went for the running knees Tasha pulled Hogan out and distracted Taya, allowing Hogan to run around the ring. Tasha kicked Taya behind the referee. Hogan caught her with a swinging neck breaker and picked up the win. Rosemary never came out to support Taya.

Rhino and Heath approached Hernandez for a rematch. Rhino tricked Hernandez to set with his back to the door so Heath could sneak in and steal the money from the table. Rhino stalled a lot until Heath took the money. Once stolen, Rhino bailed. 

Chris Bey confronted Rohit Raju about the rematch he was owed. Rohit told him that TJP defeated him, and so TJP approached them about it. Rohit eventually called for a three-way number one contender match.

Matthews and Rayne ran down next week’s card with Kimber Lee vs Susie, TJP vs Trey Miguel vs Chris Bey for the #1 contendership of the X-Division title on the line, the number one contender then getting their title match against Rohit Raju, and Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace.

Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, & The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) defeated The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) & The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) 

Anderson and Ace started the match with the former getting the early upper hand, whipping and striking Ace around. Gallows tagged in and kept working over Ace in their corner. Anderson tagged in again and kept the work, but suddenly, with no provocation whatsoever, Anderson tagged in Sabin the hard way. 

On the other side, Alexander tagged in, who was taken down quickly by Sabin and a couple of MCMG double team moves. Page jumped in and also took a combo by Shelley and Sabin. Ace followed suit and suffered the same fate. Finally, it was Fulton’s turn, who also ended up on the floor. 

Back from commercial, the referee regained control. Shelley and Alexander went at it, but just in time, Page tripped Shelley, which allowed Anderson to cut him off and gain control of the match.

Fulton tagged in and punished Shelley, who tried to chop his way to his corner, but Fulton was unmoved. Fulton and Ace kept working over Shelley, and much like the babyface teams, Ace and Fulton started to have problems with The North on their corner, stealing each other’s tags. 

Page and Josh Alexander worked over Shelley until he managed to hit a dragon screw on Alexander and a backplex on Ace to get the tag to the Good Brothers. 

Anderson took the hot tag and ran down everyone, getting a two count on Page with a big spinebuster at the end. Gallows tagged in, kicked Fulton down to the floor, hit an assisted backplex on Page for another two count. 

GB went for the magic killer, but Josh broke it off. Sabin blind tagged himself in and took out The North with a crossbody and tornado DDT. Sabin sent Ace and Fulton to the floor, followed by a suicide dive.

In the ring, The North attacked Shelley, who managed to counter and, along with Sabin, hit the reverse STF and dropkick combo on Alexander. 

In the end, it was Sabin getting a Northern Pass by The North. Ace Austin, who blind tagged himself in, stole the pin over the tag champs. 

The North were mad that their pin was stolen, and the Good Brothers are mad that they lost because of the MCMGs. We may be heading into a five-way for the tag titles.

Final thoughts --

Ok show by Impact. Mostly focused on advancing storylines towards Bound For Glory, but we did have some strong wrestling on the show.