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Impact Wrestling results: New tag champs crowned

Previously: Karen Jarrett made her triumphant return to Impact and slapped the taste out of Josh Mathews’ mouth.

Tonight: Moose defends the Impact Grand Championship against Cody. Plus, LAX, Reno Scum, Decay, and Garza Jr. & Laredo Kid will battle to crown new Impact World Tag Team Champions.

Show Recap --

Earlier today, a board meeting took place between Dutch Mantell, Bruce Prichard, Josh Mathews, and Jeremy Borash. Mathews and J.B. kept arguing during the meeting. Karen Jarrett ran into the meeting and demanded they find Sienna and send her to the ring.

Prichard agreed to take on the task. He was so irritated by Mathews and Borash that he threatened to make changes to commentary if they didn’t stop arguing. J.B. said that they should replace Mathews with his wife Madison Rayne because he’s not even the best commentator in his family.

- Karen Jarrett came down to the ring and said that Maria Kanellis had a nervous breakdown and left Impact. Karen called Sienna a bully and called her to the ring. Sienna said that she made it to where she is based on ability, not because of who she married. Karen gave Sienna 15 seconds to apologize and so the countdown began.

This brought out Sienna’s cousin, the debuting KM. He’s out here for his family and demanded Karen apologize and gave her 15 seconds. He started the countdown until Braxton Sutter and Allie made the save. Karen announced that later tonight Sutter will take on KM.

Andrew Everett defeated DJ Z

DJ Z hit a huge dive to the floor and took over. Everett made his comeback and went for the moonsault. DJ Z got his feet up and sent Everett to the other side of the ring. DJ Z attempted the ZDT but Everett rolled him up in a small package to win the match.

After the match, Gregory Helms and X Division Champion Trevor Lee came out. Helms congratulated Everett on finally winning a match. Helms agreed to give Everett a shot at Lee’s title.

- A promo aired for the upcoming debut of a new star to Impact. It ended with “Fury Will Be Unleashed 4.13.17."

- Last week, ODB celebrated her victory over Rebel in the back. She said she’s looking for her husband EY (Eric Young) but he’s not there. Earl Hebner approached and said that he’s not her hubby but he can be.

- J.B. interviewed Rosemary in the ring. He said that she’s a dominant champion and wondered who is left for her to face. ODB interrupted and introduced herself. She said she’s a four-time “knocked up” champ. She gave cheers to Rosemary for being the Knockouts Champion but promised to win the title. The entire Knockouts roster came out and got into a huge brawl.

- EC3 apologized for his attitude towards Karen Jarrett last week. As EC3 made his way to the ring, Mathews challenged J.B. to put together teams to face each other to see who is the better coach. J.B. rejected the idea.

EC3 promised to be a three-time World Champion. James Storm came down to the ring and he too wanted a title shot. Storm was a babyface here and didn’t come out with the DCC. EC3 and Storm agreed to let the fans decide who will get the next shot at Lashley.

Impact Grand Champion Moose defeated “The American Nightmare” Cody (w/ Brandi Rhodes) to retain his title

They brawled on the floor in front of one of the judges. Moose ducked a superkick and Cody knocked out the judge instead. Bruce Prichard replaced the injured judge. The judges gave the first round to Moose. Mathews felt that the original judge would have given the round to Cody.

In the second round, Moose grabbed a chair but Cody used Brandi as a shield. Cody kicked the chair into Moose’s face. Cody locked on the figure four but Moose held on as time ran out. The judges gave the second round to Cody.

Cody went to give Brandi a kiss but she rejected him and walked away. The time limit ran out at the end of the third round. Moose won the third round and the match on a split decision to retain the Grand Championship.

KM (w/ Sienna) defeated Braxton Sutter (w/ Allie)

Sutter had KM beat when Sienna grabbed Allie, which distracted Sutter. KM hit the powerbomb into a lungblower to pick up the win. After the match, Allie and Sutter brawled with Sienna and KM. A drunken Laurel Van Ness still wearing her wedding dress came out.

- A cool video of the LAX at their clubhouse aired. They played poker and discussed business.

- Another “Fury Will Be Unleashed” video aired. It appeared to be Sienna looking at pictures of Braxton Sutter and Allie.

LAX (w/ Konnan, Homicide, and Diamante) defeated Reno Scum, Decay (w/ Rosemary), and Garza Jr. & Laredo Kid to win the Impact World Tag Team Championship

LAX, Decay, and Reno Scum were brawling on the floor when Laredo Kid hit an insane flip dive onto the group from the corner. Garza Jr. followed up with his own impressive dive. Crazzy Steve came in and isolated Laredo Kid in their corner but Luster the Legend tagged himself in.

LAX cleared the ring of all the teams and hit a sick move called the Street Sweeper where Santana leapt off of Ortiz’s back and hit a Swanton in the corner on Abyss. Rosemary tried to sneak in but Diamante took her out. The finish came when LAX hit a powerbomb/blockbuster combination on Laredo Kid to win the match.

Next Week: Eddie Edwards battles Davey Richards in a last man standing match. Also, a Knockouts gauntlet battle royal to determine the number one contender for Rosemary’s Knockouts Championship.