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Impact Wrestling TV taping results: 'Talk of the wrestling world' coming Friday

Bobby Lashley

Here's some additional notes from Thursdays night's Impact Wrestling tapings, but first, catch up here for some news on Alberto El Patron appearing at the tapings.

From Dave Meltzer:

- They said that someone will be at the tapings Friday that will become the talk of the wrestling world.  Given that just about everyone is under contract somewhere and New Japan isn't keen on its talent working for TNA, the options are limited. 

Santana Garrett returns on Saturday afternoon for the taping of an all-women's PPV show.  Leva Bates (Blue Pants) is also on the show.


For next week's show:

- The TNA name is officially dropped next week.

- Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards open with a pull-apart brawl.

- Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews started their announcer feud. Both did commentary.

- Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend) beat Bram & Eddie Kingston.

- Braxton Sutter won a four-way over DJZ, Marshe Rockett, and Caleb Konley. Sutter pinned Rockett with a neckbreaker. Allie was in Sutter's corner.

- K.C. Quinn (independent wreslter Brandi Lauren) vs. Brandi Rhodes didn't happen as Cody came out and said he wouldn't allow Impact to pimp out the Rhodes name. Cody gave Quinn $45 and said to leave, since that's $20 more than Impact was paying her. Rosemary attacked Quinn.

- Bruce Prichard did his promo burying Impact and how there were all kinds of great people in the promotion before but the previous management never gave them a chance. He announced TNA was no more and that there are new owners, new management, and a new name. 

He said they are starting the new company with the greatest hybrid athlete in the world as champion, Bobby Lashley, who nobody could beat. Alberto El Patron came out and challenged Lashley. Ethan Carter III came out and said there is no way Alberto could come in and get a title shot on his first night ahead of all the people who had been with the company.

Carter said he should get the title match. Lashley turned him down saying he's already had his chances and failed, and agreed to face Alberto.

- Dutch Mantell came out and talked about what a great group of talent that were here when he was there like A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Sting, Bobby Roode, Christian, and Kevin Nash. He blamed the previous management for being incompetent and that they all left.

- Cody demanded a match with Moose right now.  They told him Moose was in Japan. (He's not going for ten days.)

- Cody was the GFW NexGen champion and came out with the belt, but threw it in the ring.

- Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. beat Eli Drake & Tyrus

- Sienna beat Rachael Ellering

- Alberto El Patron beat TNA Champion Bobby Lashley with a belt shot after two ref bumps. There was a big post-match discussion with two referees, Prichard, and Earl Hebner, and it was unclear if AEP is the new champion or not.

In two weeks:

- Trevor Lee won six-way over Caleb Konley, Idris Abraham, Marshe Rockett, Andrew Everett and DJZ

- TNA Grand Champion Moose beat Cody via split decision to retain. Cody gave one of the judges a superkick and Prichard took over as the judge of the match.