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Alleged details emerge on Jon Jones' domestic violence arrest

Image: TMZ | This story was updated at 10:15 PM Eastern.

Some disturbing alleged details emerged Tuesday regarding former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones' arrest last Friday for battery domestic violence and injuring or tampering with a vehicle.

TMZ and ESPN reported that from the Las Vegas Metro police department report, police were called to Caesars Palace just after 5 AM local time for a "domestic disturbance" in a hotel room involving a woman bleeding from her nose and mouth and a male who was a pro MMA fighter.

It was later learned it was a hotel security person who called after Jones' fiancee and mother to his three children, Jesse, came down to the lobby and asked for another room key at 4:30 AM local time. They observed blood and asked if she was ok. She began to cry and "said she was scared to return to her room." The guard claims their youngest child asked him to call the police.

Police spotted Jones walking near the hotel when they arrived and detained him. They allege he "became irate and smashed his head onto the front hood of the LVMPD patrol vehicle" which left a dent and chipped the paint. They said that Jones then went through "an emotional roller coaster," crying when he was first handcuffed and then threatening to sue the department for doing this "on the biggest night of his life."

He later joked about wanting to fight all of the police to see how many he could take on at once, even pretending he was going to do just that. After being threatened with a Taser if he kept threatening to do that, he apologized.

Police later interviewed Jones' fiancee who said he came back to the room after being out with friends following his induction of his fight with Alexander Gustafsson into the UFC Hall of Fame.

She said she was sleeping when he came back and he was not happy. When asked if he got physical with her, she said "not too physical, but a little bit, yeah." She said he touched the back of her head and pulled her hair to prevent her from leaving the room, but didn't hit her. They observed her swollen, bloody lip and a red mark on her cheek and she said it was because they were dry. However, they observed blood on her sweatshirt and the hotel room sheets.

She did not allow photos to be taken of her, a voluntary statement or any recording.

Jones was released on $8000 bail and is due back in court on October 26th. This is his fifth reported incident with the law since 2012 and his third in the last three years. He hasn't fought since February 2020.

When asked about the arrest prior to UFC 266, Dana White said it's not even shocking anymore when these things happen to Jones in Las Vegas and that he has a lot of demons. He deferred to seeing how the situation played out legally before making any decisions.

Jones posted a picture of himself on Instagram Tuesday doing a bench press with several phrases overlaid on top like “I have way too much trauma to consume alcohol," "My brain simply can’t handle it anymore" and "I will leave alcohol in my past forever.”