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Conor McGregor suffers broken leg in UFC 264 loss to Dustin Poirier

Image: Getty Images

Despite all the hype going into their trilogy fight, the main event of UFC 264 had a bit of an anticlimactic ending as Dustin Poirier defeated Conor McGregor by first round TKO after the Irishman brike his tibia at the end of the round.

Poirier had McGregor in trouble several times and his ground and pound had referee Herb Dean looking in closely to possibly stop it. McGregor was able to make his way to his feet as the round wound down and as the two exchanged punches, McGregor took a step back and his left ankle turned. He immediately fell on his rear and Poirier went for more ground and pound to try and finish it before time ran out.

McGregor was unable to stand, leading to the doctor's stoppage. It appeared to be either McGregor's ankle or shin that broke which Poirier thought was due to a checked kick earlier in the fight. McGregor denied that and said no such thing happened.

McGregor's lower leg was placed into an air cast and he was stretchered out after an angry post-fight promo in which he continued to insult Poirier's wife, saying, "This is not over." He said it didn't matter where it took place, but insisted they weren't done with each other just yet.

He did have his moments in the round, landing a left that Poirier acknowledged post-fight as well as a guillotine choke that eventually put him into a worse position. He has now lost two straight for the first time in his career and three out of his last four.

A winner of three straight, Poirier now moves on to face lightweight champion Charles Oliveira who was at cageside. Poirier didn't mention the fight in his post-fight promo and didn't hold back in airing his displeasure for McGregor.

"Karma isn't a bitch, it's a mirror," he said.

The show was a massive financial success in the UFC's first full crowd Las Vegas show since March, bringing in 20,062 for a gate of $16.76 million. Dana White estimated 1.7 to 1.8 million buys.

After the show, White said McGregor will go into surgery Sunday and he will make a fourth fight between them. However, Poirier is still getting the next title shot.