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UFC announces Venum to replace Reebok as new fight gear supplier

Nearly six years after going outside the MMA world and signing a deal with Reebok to become their first official in-cage apparel provider, UFC is returning to its roots in a sense, announcing Friday that Venum will be their new exclusive global outfitting and apparel partner starting in April 2021. 

Founded in the summer of 2005, the company has an expansive line of customizable combat sports gear and "athleisure" wear ranging from MMA to Brazilian jiujitsu to boxing to karate and more. They also have lines exclusive to fighters like boxer Vasyl Lomachenko and ONE MMA women's star Angela Lee. Similar to the Reebok deal, they will supply both fight kits and apparel.

The terms of the deal weren't disclosed, but in the release, UFC did acknowledge changes in payouts to fighters, saying, "UFC’s outfitting policy is administered through its Promotional Guidelines Compliance program.  UFC will adjust the pay scale tied to its Promotional Guidelines Compliance program, which will result in across the board increases for all athletes effective April 2021."

Reebok did not determine how fighters got paid under their deal with the UFC. Rather, the UFC did.

The UFC and Reebok deal was marked by frustrations with fighters not making as much as they had prior to the uniform deal when they were able to get their own sponsorships and gear in addition to a lack of unique designs and looks. 

While the Reebok deal runs out this March, they will remain as the official footwear provider through the end of 2021. It's unknown whether they were interested in continuing the apparel partnership, but it doesn't appear they were.

Over the past few weeks, Venum, Nike, and Under Armour were all rumored to be in the running with Under Armour seen as a longshot due to recent financial troubles.