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FREE WOL! NJPW Cow Palace on AXS TV, WWE vs. indies, RUSH vs. LA Park, more!

Wrestling Observer Live with Bryan Alvarez is back today with our Memorial Day Weekend edition of the show with tons to talk about!

We first have talk of the upcoming WWE UK tournament including the opening round matches. There’s also talk on WWE no longer needing to release people anymore, Sanity’s status and WWE talent not being used “sent back” to NXT.

Back from the break, there’s talk on WWE vs. NXT, why the indies are so hot right now, the FOX television deal, how WWE may be booking week to week more than ever before plus more.

Dr. Lucha joins the show to talk about CMLL, particularly regarding the build possibly leading towards a Rush vs. L.A. Park hair vs. mask match, along with talk on what would happen if L.A. Park bolt before the match. There’s also talk on the brand new AAA, featuring new talent. A fun show as always so check it out~! 

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Start - 2:21: Intro
2:21 - 12:16:  Calls and text
12:16 - 23:35: More calls and texts
23:35 - 37:05: Dr. Lucha
37:05 - end: More Dr. Lucha, closing moments

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