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Gerald Brisco: Vince McMahon said I'm no longer needed in WWE

Gerald Brisco said on Twitter Thursday morning that Vince McMahon called him Wednesday night to say that "after 36 years of dedication to WWE, I am no longer needed."

Brisco said, "I'm ok with this. I will still be around to help talent." before later tweeting, "I appreciate all the well wishes I would also like to add that I need a little space so everyone asking for an interview at this time I need to step back take a deep breath just remember I have no anger just emotions at this time."

Wednesday night, the 73-year-old tweeted, "When you think it’s all over it’s only begun."

Brisco was furloughed in April as part of the pandemic-related financial cuts.

Brisco and McMahon's history dates back to when he and his brother, Jack, persuaded Georgia Championship Wrestling shareholders to sell to McMahon, giving him both key wrestling slots on TBS in 1984-85 and dominant control over wrestling on cable.

He worked with McMahon in the front office since his 1985 retirement and was a longtime scout, helping discover Brock Lesnar and a slew of other amateur wrestlers that signed with WWE during his tenure. He and Pat Patterson gained some notoriety during the Attitude Era as McMahon's stooges, flanking the chairman and often getting involved in comedic skits and matches. He also appeared on the July 22, 2019, edition of Raw and briefly held the 24/7 Championship, pinning Patterson.

Brisco is a 2005 Thesz/Tragos Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee and 2008 WWE Hall of Fame inductee.