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Ric Flair undergoes scheduled surgery, medical status unclear

Ric Flair

Wrestling star Ric Flair underwent an undisclosed surgery Thursday in Atlanta, GA, but according to his son-in-law, his medical situation is not as serious as some media outlets are making it out to be.

News broke from TMZ that the 70-year-old was rushed to a hospital following a medical emergency, saying it was a "very serious" situation.

However, Conrad Thompson, Flair's son-in-law and the founder of Starrcast, said on a media call that the situation wasn't as serious as TMZ claimed and the surgery was a planned procedure he wanted to have done before the event coming up in Las Vegas where he is scheduled to be the focus of a roast.

Dave Meltzer confirmed that the procedure was planned, but couldn't answer definitively how serious the situation was. 

Flair was hospitalized for 11 days in 2017 after suffering a ruptured intestine. He was placed in a medically induced coma and was near death in a very serious situation.