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Ric Flair's former agent suing for defamation

Ric Flair's former agent and her firm are suing the wrestling star for defamation, announced in a statement Monday.

In a video posted last week, Flair accused Legacy Talent and Entertainment owner Melinda Zanoni of embezzling money from him, claiming WWE had to also help him renew six trademarks that nearly lapsed when the firm ignored his requests. Flair claimed he had documented proof Zanoni stole money and that he had talked to a lawyer before making the now deleted video.

Legacy released the following in response:

"Today we have taken the first step and filed a Civil Lawsuit against Richard M. Fliehr a/k/a as Ric Flair and certain unnamed (for now) defendants for defamation per se and look forward to proving the falsity of every wrongful allegation contained in his video that was posted on YouTube on June 3, 2019.   Ric Flair having taken down the video is not enough.

We will vigorously use the court system to protect our good names and reputations, and obtain damages due to Ric Flair’s defamatory comments contained in the video. We intend to amend the lawsuit to include all involved parties and hold all involved accountable.

We completely stand behind our client’s well known reputation for truthfulness, professionalism, honor, and integrity."

Flair sued the agency after leaving them in 2017, claiming they embezzled $46,000 in royalties from his ESPN 30 for 30 documentary as well as a local endorsement deal. He also claimed that Zanoni left a threatening voicemail for his wife from a blocked number, adding he hoped the video got Zanoni disbarred. He had been with the agency for a decade and friends with Zanoni for two decades.