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Shane McMahon introduces WWE 'Raw Underground' fight club

In a nod to underground fight clubs, Shane McMahon returned to WWE Raw Monday and introduced a new concept to the show called Raw Underground.

While the reason for its creation was never explained other than it was something McMahon "wanted to see", it's simply two men fighting with "no holds barred" in a wrestling ring with no ropes until the fight is stopped which was usually after a few seconds. The ring was surrounded by masked people yelling and banging on the mat. There were also dancing women to help give it atmosphere.

It was positioned as somewhere backstage at the Performance Center with limited access available. McMahon acted as emcee and to implore the referee to stop the fights which featured the same quick camera cuts and shaky movement as in nearly every other WWE match.

There were several "fights", all of which took place in the final hour:

  • Dabba-Kato beat up an unnamed man in a few seconds and then beat up another man who jumped in, also within a few seconds. Dabba-Kato is Babatunde Aiyegbusi, a Polish-born, 32-year-old former football player who has been in developmental since April 2016. He has appeared on the main roster once before as a participant in the 2018 Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia.
  • The second fight featured Erik of the Viking Raiders against another unknown man. There was some bad looking ground and pound, a few suplexes, and a running knee strike that ended the fight quickly.
  • The final fight featured Dolph Ziggler against another unnamed person, using amateur wrestling to work into a rear naked choke. 

After the Ziggler fight, MVP, Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin walked in and MVP said they were the new management of Raw Underground until further notice. Lashley then got in the ring and quickly dispatched a challenger. MVP said he wanted some action and beat up another man they pulled in from ringside. 

That led to former Raw announcer and NXT trainee Dio Maddin challenging Benjamin and quickly getting beaten up. The three men then beat up everyone at ringside, leading to McMahon eventually making his way back in and saying the three men were invited back anytime and couldn't wait to see what happened next week as Raw came to a close.