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WWE announces that Emma has been released

Additional notes added by Dave Meltzer

UPDATE: WWE confirmed this morning that Darren Young and Summer Rae had also been released.


WWE announced this morning that Emma has been released and is officially no longer with the company.

Their statement read: "WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstar Emma. WWE wishes Emma the best in all of her future endeavors."

Emma's release comes less than a week after she had two fairly competitive matches with Asuka. Asuka made her main roster debut at TLC, with Emma getting a decent amount of offense in before losing. The next night on Raw, they had a similarly structured rematch.

If the decision was made by the company, that makes the booking in both matches even more confusing, not the result, but the makeup of the matches since Asuka didn't come across as special in
either one, and Asuka's history in NXT is that she gets over best when positioned as dominant.

Emma, a protege of Lance Storm, signed with WWE in March of 2011 and started the next year on NXT television. She debuted on the main roster in 2014 for an angle where she did a backstage romance with Santino Marella.

She was sent back down to NXT in January 2015, and did an a mean girls gimmick, the type that has been done multiple times in NXT, with Dana Brooke. The two were brought up in March of 2016. There was a long attempt to repackage her in the role of a glamorous woman that, after months, the company abandoned.

This is actually the second time in the last few years that WWE has announced Emma's release. The company briefly parted ways with her in 2014 after she had been arrested for shoplifting an iPad case (which Emma claimed was due to an error while using self-checkout) before reversing course and revealing that she had been reinstated that same day.