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WWE, NBCU comment on edited Network content on Peacock

As previously reported, NBCUniversal has indeed been reviewing and editing WWE Network content as it moves over to the Peacock streaming service.

In a New York Times story about the changes, both NBCU and WWE made their public comments acknowledging the editing process that has raised the ire of some fans:

  • NBCUniversal: Like with other shows on the Peacock platform, "(we are) reviewing WWE content to ensure it aligns with Peacock’s standards and practices."
  • WWE: "Peacock and WWE are reviewing all past content to ensure it fits our 2021 standards."

Some of the more controversial content that has been removed already includes the Roddy Piper promo and match with Bad News Brown from WrestleMania VI where Piper appeared painted half in blackface and Vince McMahon using a racial slur during a backstage segment with John Cena, Booker T and Sharmell at the 2005 Survivor Series.

Peacock is continuing to add WWE content to its service with nearly all of the content currently available on WWE Network expected to be ported over by this August's SummerSlam. In the U.S., the standalone version of WWE Network will cease to exist starting on April 4th as the big pre-WrestleMania push to get subscribers to add Peacock begins in earnest.

In January, WWE announced a five-year deal reportedly worth $1 billion for Peacock to be the exclusive U.S. home for the WWE Network.