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WWE SmackDown video highlights: Strowman-Fiend-Bliss angle

A confrontation between Universal Champion Braun Strowman and "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt had been set to close last night's episode of SmackDown.

Strowman made his in-person return with a new look where his head is now shaved. He called out The Fiend but got Alexa Bliss instead.

Bliss said they owe it to their friendship to have a conversation. She told Strowman she doesn't believe that he doesn't care about her. Strowman accused Bliss of trying to use him as a pawn and attempting to turn him into something he's not. Strowman said Bliss thinks he's some kind of clown she can lead around by his beard and make him sing songs inside of her stupid car.

Bliss asked Strowman what the hell is going on here. Strowman said everyone who comes into contact with The Fiend changes, including Bliss. Strowman then told her to get out of the ring. Bliss told Strowman to look at her when he's talking to her. Bliss said if she couldn't talk sense into Strowman, she'd have to slap some sense into him.

After Bliss repeatedly slapped Strowman, he picked her up for a press slam. The lights then started to go out. He threw Bliss into the air, then The Fiend was in the ring with Bliss when they came back on. Strowman appeared on the video screen and laughed maniacally to end the show.

Earlier in the episode, Bliss did a sit-down interview and spoke about her friendship with Strowman and experiences with The Fiend. She said being around The Fiend is terrifying but also compelling.

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