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WWE stock prices climb to record high following TV rights rumors

WWE Stock

After rumors surfaced Wednesday night that NBCUniversal wants to bring back Raw to USA Network at three times the current contract value, WWE's stock value hit record highs Thursday.

As of 1 PM Eastern, the stock was trading at $50.21 a share, up from $43.60 at the close of business Wednesday and good for a near 15% increase. Earlier Thursday, they crested past $51 a share, their record high.

The company's TV contract is up next year and the Hollywood Reporter reported that NBCU wants to bring back Raw for nearly three times what they currently receive while choosing to not renew SmackDown. Fox has been rumored to also be a suitor for WWE programming, opening up the possibility of bringing the Tuesday night show to Fox Sports One. They could still be interested in Raw for the Fox network depending on the cost.

WWE hasn't commented publicly on any of the news.

Hollywood superagent Ari Emanuel of Endeavor is negotiating both the WWE deal as well as the UFC TV contract.