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WWE suspends Roman Reigns for wellness policy violation

Roman Reigns

In a shocking story, WWE announced they have suspended Roman Reigns (Joe Anoa'i) for 30 days effective immediately due to a violation of the company's talent wellness policy.

WWE.com wrote: "WWE has suspended Joe Anoa`i (Roman Reigns) for 30 days effective immediately for his first violation of the company’s talent wellness policy."

On Twitter, Reigns simply said, "I apologize to my family, friends and fans for my mistake in violating WWE’s wellness policy. No excuses. I own it."

The 31-year-old Reigns dropped the WWE championship Sunday at Money In The Bank. On RAW Monday night, a match was made between he, Rollins, and new WWE Champion Dean Ambrose for Battleground, the next WWE PPV event on July 24th.

That fact raises an interesting quandry. The 30 day window would expire before Battleground, so does WWE leave an off-TV Reigns in the match and just roll with it? If they did, what type of backlash could they expect?

To that end, WWE gave the following quote:

"The suspension runs through July 20. He is eligible to return on July 21. Battleground is on July 24. We are considering all of our creative options."

Whatever decision is made regarding the main event will likely be announced tonight in Tucson

Positioned as the new face of the company, Reigns has had many stops and starts in the past few years in an attempt to have the fans win him over. A former college football player, Reigns has been in the business for nearly six years.