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WWE's Jimmy Uso found not guilty in Florida DUI case

After an hour of deliberation, a Florida jury found WWE wrestler Jimmy Uso not guilty of DUI Wednesday in an Escambia County courtroom.

Uso (Jonathan Fatu) was arrested in late July for an unlawful blood alcohol level by local police. The arresting officer, Jeremy Meeks, observed Uso swerving left and right and smelled alcohol after he pulled him over. He never refused a field sobriety test but did ask for his lawyer, later opting for a jury trial. A video from the arrest showed Fatu swerving and speeding, hitting 86 mph at one point, 41 over the speed limit. The speeding ticket he received remains on his record.

Meeks testified Wednesday and observed that Uso had a hard time opening up the door, getting out of the vehicle, and stumbled.

Uso didn't speak to the media after the verdict, but his lawyer (seen above with Uso) said, "A cop can arrest you but they cannot convict you and that's why we took it to the next level and plead not guilty and set out for a case trial." No reason or rationale was given for the verdict.

This was Uso's second arrest of 2019 as he and wife Naomi (Trinity Fatu) were pulled over in Detroit, MI, and he was charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction. The arresting officer noted the car smelled of alcohol. He later pleaded no contest and paid $450 in fines.

Uso and brother Jey have been off WWE TV since the summer.