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WWE 205 Live results: Ikemen Jiro vs. Tony Nese

Grayson Waller defeated Asher Hale 

Since last week I’ve done light research on Grayson Waller (FKA Matty Wahlberg), and he has considerable talent. His back catalogue is impressive, as was this match. This match was considerably better than the average 205 Live outing.

The first screenless 205 Live match in the Capitol Wrestling Center began with an exciting back and forth ground exchange. After backing Waller into the ropes, Hale offered Waller his guard, which Waller responded with a boot. A quick kick to the head sent Hale to the outside, where Waller slammed him to the floor. 

As soon as the pair re-entered the ring, Hale sent Waller back to the outside and hit a running knee. Hale wasn’t able to follow up as Waller interrupted a top rope dive. Waller connected with significant and uncontested offence while scoring multiple near falls, but Waller allowed Hale back into the match when he paused to taunt him.

Hale rallied, connecting with a barrage of strikes. Waller slid to the outside and tried for his stunner but slipped into a deep sleeper. Waller escaped the hold by falling to the outside; this allowed him to try for a second stunner, and this time it connected. A curb stomp from Waller followed, leading to the pin.

Waller extended his hand to Hale following his victory but shook his own hand, leaving Hale visibly upset. 

Ikemen Jiro defeated Tony Nese 

While this wasn’t a Dragon Gate/Wrestle-1 war of alumni, such as some might have expected, it was convivial through and through. Jiro seems incapable of having a match that doesn’t leave you grinning. 

The opening “feeling out process” ended after Nese pulled Jiro’s hair, slamming him to the mat. Jiro popped up and flaunted his flower-adorned jacket. Jiro connected with light offence before Nese used referee-created separation to land with a throat punch. Jiro rolled to the floor, and Nese followed, battering against the announce table. 

Before Nese returned to the ring, he put on his hoodie, mocking Jiro’s signature appearance. Nese lifted Jiro for a backbreaker, but Jiro escaped, pulling Nese’s jacket over his face. Jiro took advantage of a now blind Nese by connecting with strikes galore. Jiro hit a beautiful senton bomb for a near fall. 

Nese landed a head kick as Jiro was perched on the top turnbuckle. Jiro tried for a rollup as he descended, but Nese caught him with a second head kick. Nese set up for the running knee, but Jiro rolled to the outside.

Once back between the ropes, Jiro hit four thunderous kicks in quick succession (the sound clearly not from a boot meeting flesh). The fourth kick was the Ikemen Slash, and it led to the Jiro pinfall.