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WON NEWSLETTER: September 20, 2021 Observer Newsletter: Big E wins WWE Championship, WWE at MSG

Big E cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on the 9/13 Raw to win the WWE championship from Bobby Lashley, signifying his switching brands and reuniting The New Day.

Born Ettore Ewen, the 35-year-old Tampa product was a state heavyweight champion wrestler at Wharton High School and football player, who went to the University of Iowa, and after college, became a powerlifter.

A mutual friend contacted Jim Ross, and he was given a WWE tryout in 2009 and WWE signed him to a deal at that time. He started as Big E Langston in Florida Championship Wrestling, which was shortened to Big E. He was popular due to his personality and those in developmental thought he could be a groundbreaking performer with his leaping ability and agility and power combination.

In 2012, he was brought up to the main roster, and on November 18, 2013, won the IC title from Curtis Axel. But his career took off in 2014 as part of the New Day tag team. The idea started out silly but ended up being tweaked by the three guys in it and the group held the Raw tag team titles twice and Smackdown version of the titles six times.

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  • Knox County mayor and WWE Hall of Famer Glenn “Kane” Jacobs made an appearance at last night’s SmackDown in Knoxville as part of Bianca Belair’s homecoming celebration. The segment was crashed by Becky Lynch.
  • Belair defeated Lynch in a non-title dark match after last night’s show went off the air.
  • Jacobs presented Belair with a resolution from the Tennessee state senate honoring her for her SmackDown Women’s Championship win at WrestleMania.
  • During a backstage interview with Paul Heyman on last night’s SmackDown, it was teased that Brock Lesnar could be going to Raw in next month’s WWE Draft. Interviewer Kayla Braxton said her sources are telling her that Lesnar may be drafted by Raw.
  • This week’s Talking Smack featured interviews with Dominik Mysterio, Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez, and Sonya Deville.
  • In storyline, Naomi was “fined for insubordination” after her backstage segment with Deville on SmackDown. Naomi confronted Deville and wanted to know when she’s going to get a match on the show. Naomi told Deville that she’s going to get her match one way or another.
  • WWE Champion Big E wore Fugees-inspired New Day gear on last night’s show.
  • Riddle told the International Business Times about the heat he got for his comments about Roman Reigns and saying RK-Bro are the real needle movers: “I’m not trying to rub anybody the wrong way or say anything [wrong], but I made some comments [and] I’ll say this: I think they were all factual, just so you know. Kind of like I said, [I am] kind of telling the truth here. But I think, maybe, even if they were factual, they weren’t the most professional things to say, especially with me being on the Raw brand and him being on SmackDown. I’m not even in that realm of competing with the Tribal Chief. He’s on another level at this moment. I think maybe I got a little too big for my britches, you know what I mean? Maybe I got a little backstage heat. Maybe a tiny bit."
  • Odyssey Jones was the guest on this week’s episode of the WWE After the Bell podcast.
  • WWE’s YouTube channel uploaded The Shield vs. Evolution from Extreme Rules 2014, The Hardy Boyz vs. World’s Greatest Tag Team in a ladder match from One Night Stand 2007, and Roman Reigns & Jey Uso vs. Baron Corbin & Sheamus from the September 11, 2020 episode of SmackDown.

Other Wrestling

  • Bandido issued an apology after Travis Banks appeared in a battle royal on Thursday’s Big Lucha show: “On behalf of Big Lucha & Bandido's Gym I want to apologize for my mistake yesterday. I don't want to give any excuses. I am learning the difference between being a wrestler who just plays a small part of an event & being the person who is responsible for everything that happens when it's my show. I accept responsibility & sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended. I promise to do better in the future.” During the #SpeakingOut movement last year, Millie McKenzie accused Banks (who is 13 years older than her) of being in a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship with her when she was a 17-year-old trainee. Lucha Blog notes that none of the battle royal entrants were announced in advance, and Banks was the only entrant who isn’t a Big Lucha regular.
  • Ruby Soho appeared on the latest episode of Talk is Jericho.
  • Soho spoke to Digital Spy about feeling at home in AEW: “I never thought that I was going to make it to WWE. At the time that I had started [wrestling], they weren't hiring women that looked like me. But then, right, place, right time, they started hiring people that looked different. But I still felt like I couldn't quite find my place and didn't quite fit in and then coming to AEW, it was instant. It was immediate, I felt like I was home."
  • Soho told Digital Spy that, after her AEW debut at All Out, Rancid’s Lars Frederiksen texted her that he was honored to be part of the moment. Frederiksen helped make it so Soho could use Ruby Soho as her name and use Rancid’s “Ruby Soho” song as her theme music. Soho revealed what she told Frederiksen in response: “I told him, 'You guys made that moment that much more special to me.’ My love for punk and my love for pro wrestling came together in that moment. This is everything that has built me and who I am and it came together that night and it was because of [Lars] bestowing this amazing gift on me, being able to use the name and the song. 'I was like, 'You helped make that moment that much more special even more than I could have ever imagined.'”
  • Tony Khan appeared on Bloomberg’s Business of Sports podcast. He was asked about being in competition with WWE: “In some aspects they’re the market leader but in other aspects we’re now the market leader. At the beginning that may have been the case, but there were a lot of reasons that I feel that I could come in and compete. There were a lot of great wrestlers that weren’t being featured on television and there are a lot of wrestling fans out there that were looking for an alternative product that weren’t satisfied with what they were getting on those shows. So I do think there was definitely a great opportunity to come in and compete and I saw some formidability frankly in the market leader at the time and it’s opened up a lot of market shares for us, for me to bootstrap a new business and build it up and gain a lot of that market share and we’re now in a lot of significant business markets, we are the worldwide leader.”

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