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F4W NEWSLETTER: Figure Four Weekly: WWE takes first steps toward WrestleMania 35 triple threat 

It appears that WWE has officially taken the first steps towards Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair all being involved in the main event of WrestleMania 35.

An angle where Vince McMahon suspended Lynch for 60 days and announced that Charlotte would be taking her place at WrestleMania closed last Monday's episode of Raw. Charlotte aligned with Vince and fully turned heel, with Vince calling her someone with charisma, someone with charm, and someone who knows their lane and stays in it.

WON NEWSLETTER: February 25, 2019 Observer Newsletter: Elimination Chamber review

The show didn’t sell out, even in one of WWE’s best markets. The show had more good than bad, with the highlight being the main event, the men’s Chamber match where Daniel Bryan retained and the crowd got so strong behind Kofi Kingston in the Mustafa Ali slot that Vince McMahon changed plans for Fast Lane to put Bryan vs. Kingston on top.

The show was the brainchild of Motoko Baba, to run a big Baba celebration show in 2019, 20 years after his early 1999 death. With her passing away last year, it was her nieces and nephews who put the show together.

All but one count of Mark Hunt’s lawsuit against the UFC, Dana White and Brock Lesnar on the grounds they conspired against him to allow a juiced up Lesnar to fight him at UFC 200 was thrown out of court.

The 2020 Royal Rumble will take place on 1/26 at Minute Maid Park in Houston. Most likely that would also mean Takeover on 1/25 at the Toyota Center, Raw on 1/27 and Smackdown on 1/28.

FOX this weekend started advertising 10/4 as the debut of the new Friday Night Smackdown show.

“Fighting with My Family,” the Dwayne Johnson Seven Bucks Entertainment movie about Growing Up as Paige, which has its big national release on 2/22, has gotten great word-of-mouth so far.

Chris Jericho noted that while he and Gedo are on the same page, that New Japan management hasn’t talked with him about a new deal.

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  • Dave Meltzer has sent in the following in regards to injuries that took place over the weekend:
    • There was an injury scare last night as Drew McIntyre seemed to have suffered a knee injury during a house show in Tupelo, MS. The match had to go home early, but he is believed to be fine.
    • Noam Dar suffered what could possibly be a serious knee injury suffered in a match against Mark Andrews during the NXT UK tapings yesterday. He is to be examined in the US when he comes back.
    • Mark Andrews was knocked out during the match with Dar. It may be a concussion, but the belief is that it wasn’t too serious.
  • Aleister Black said his goodbyes to NXT during a house show in Daytona Beach, Florida this weekend. He along with the other call-ups will still be part of the NXT TV tapings at least through the next TakeOver.
  • Matt Riddle made his debut on UpUpDownDown playing A Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • Dave Schilling, who has written in the past for Bleacher Report, VICE and The Guardian says that he will be joining the WWE creative team next month.
  • The Rock surprised moviegoers who were watching Fighting With My Family in Atlanta, appearing at a screening of the movie.
  • Nikki Bella won the WIN award this weekend for best actress in a reality series.

Pro Wrestling

  • David Finlay wrote on Twitter yesterday that he dislocated his shoulder during the ROH tag team title match on 2/23, writing “Thanks to everyone for all the positive vibes! I did dislocated my shoulder last night but it’s back in now. I’ll see a doctor when I’m home to see what the damage is but hopefully it’s nothing too serious. Thanks again to everyone. See you in the mountains!”
  • All Japan announced the blocks for this year’s Champion Carnival, which starts on April 4 and runs through April 29.
    • Block A has Kento Miyahara, Kengo Mashimo, Yuma Aoyagi, Zeus, Gianni Valletta, Ryouji Sai, Dylan James, Shuji Ishikawa,Yuji Okabayashi
    • Block B has Joe Doering, Jake Lee, Naoya Nomura, Yoshitatsu, Daichi Hashimoto, Sam Adonis, Suwama, Takashi Yoshida, Joel Redman
  • WALTER vs. David Starr, Fenix vs. Rey Horus, Axel Dieter Jr. vs. Maris Al-Ani, Pentagon Jr. vs. Mark Davis, Timothy Thatcher vs. Lucky Kid, Ilja Dragunov vs. Daisuke Sekimoto, Chris Brookes vs. Shigehiro Irie, and Jurn Simmons vs. Avalanche in a falls count anywhere match are the first round matches in this year’s wXw 16 Carat Gold tournament. The tournament is taking place from March 8-10, with those first round matches happening on the first night.
  • Starrcast LLC has applied a trademark for the term “Dead Man Talking.”
  • This week’s MLW Fusion episode is available on YouTube. It has Aerostar vs. Rey Horus, Mance Warner making his debut against Jimmy Yuta, and Rich Swann vs. Lance Anoa’i.
  • NWO Sting (Jeff Farmer) will be an entrant in the Clusterf*ck match at Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3, part two in Jersey City, New Jersey on Saturday, April 6.


Daily Pro Wrestling History: WCW WrestleWar 1991

Ed in San Antonio presents the WRESTLEMANIA Weekend Events (more to be added):

  • Sunday, April 6th, at 12:00 pm: Lunch (all you can eat) at Churrascaria Plataforma ($90 per person), located at 316 W. 49th street in Manhattan. Purchase tickets here~! 
  • Luxury Bus to MetLife Stadium for Wrestlemania: We will depart from the Hilton Midtown (site of Wrestlecon) located at 1335 Avenue of the Americas. Departure time is 4:00 pm and will return from MetLife approximately 30 mins after the event. Times are subject to change, and cost $67.00 per person for the round trip. Purchase tickets here~!