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Homicide announced for Josh Barnett's Bloodsport

In what feels like a fitting addition to Josh Barnett's Bloodsport, Homicide was announced as joining the card on Friday.

The event is scheduled for Sunday, October 11th as part of GCW's rescheduled The Collective weekend in Indianapolis, IN, originally slated for the canceled WrestleMania weekend in Tampa, Florida.

The 43-year-old has been in the game since 1993 and is a former Ring of Honor World Champion and Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champion and X-Division Champion. Of late, he has been working indies and had some dates with the NWA in 2019.

He joins Josh Alexander as the only other announced name for the Bloodsport show thus far.

This will be the third Bloodsport show under the Barnett name after taking it over from Matt Riddle starting in 2019. The shows feature between 7-10 matches in a wrestling ring with no ropes or turnbuckles with the only way to win being either knockout or submission.