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AEW's MJF, Tony Khan settle issues over non-cleared Ariel Helwani interview

The AEW head and one of his biggest talents had a discussion regarding a recent interview.

Issues that arose over the weekend between AEW head Tony Khan and MJF over a recent interview are now said to be settled.

Fightful first reported Monday that Khan and MJF talked this past weekend about the hour-long interview MJF did with Ariel Helwani -- a conversation that they reported left both Khan and MJF "frustrated."

The issue centered around the young star not getting the interview cleared with AEW PR first. 

Dave Meltzer is reporting that the story is true, but that there was no fight and any issues regarding it have been settled.

In the interview, MJF confirmed that his contract is up on January 1, 2024, and that he wouldn't consider re-signing with AEW earlier than that unless the money was "absolutely astronomical." 

He has previously talked in promos about becoming the industry's highest-paid wrestler and hasn't shied away from wanting a reportedly interested WWE and their two interested network partners in driving up the price.

During the interview, MJF wouldn't talk about any WWE overtures but did say that they talked to him when he was 22 years old and that both he and Bruce Prichard are mutual admirers from his MLW days.