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Bandido's AEW contract length, rationale for not signing with WWE revealed

In the end, the decision came down to what's best for his family.

More details on Bandido's AEW contract have been revealed along with his rationale for not signing with WWE.

In this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that his full-time contract is for three years and has a maximum amount of dates.

While Meltzer didn't have the amount of dates, he was told "it is more matches than most AEW wrestlers work in a year now, so that shouldn’t be an issue, but that could change if they (start doing) house shows."

While Bandido was initially thought to be signing with AEW following his post-Chris Jericho Dynamite match contract offer, he also got an offer from WWE that he was mulling over before doing so.

The reasons for Bandido choosing the AEW offer were family related.

"In the end, he realized he couldn’t sign with WWE because he has a child in Mexico, his significant other doesn’t want to move from Mexico, and he doesn’t want to not see his child all the time," Meltzer wrote.

A WWE deal, where it's assumed he would begin in NXT, would require him to be based in Florida with any main roster call-up likely keeping him away from home more often than he would like to be.

Bandido will have his second match in AEW on Friday's Rampage as he takes on Rush in the first round of the AEW World title eliminator tournament.