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Sammy Guevara, Andrade warned by AEW about not fighting, altercation details emerge

A consistent story has emerged regarding who started Wednesday's backstage fight.

Both Sammy Guevara and Andrade El Idolo were both warned by AEW management on Tuesday about not fighting or else they would be sent home.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed everything they heard in the wake of Guevara and Andrade's backstage skirmish Wednesday that resulted in the latter being sent home.

Following their back and forth on Twitter this week after an Andrade interview where he said had an issue with Guevara, Meltzer said both men were talked to Tuesday and were told no fighting or else both would be sent home. In Andrade's case, he was told he would not be fired if he got into a fight. Both agreed and said there would be no issues.

Meltzer said he got five different accounts of what happened: three of which were identical with a fourth pretty close to the other three.

The consistent story is that Guevara did not throw any punches or fight back even after Andrade punched him, possibly a "sucker punch" according to what Meltzer and Alvarez heard. One account had Andrade spinning Guevara around, Guevara then pushing him, and Andrade punching him.

Meltzer said he had heard Andrade was waiting in a hallway for Guevara and got two punches in before it was broken up. He noted that despite the punches, Guevara didn't have any marks on him for his main event match on Wednesday's Dynamite. 

While Andrade's side is what was originally reported by TMZ, both Meltzer and Alvarez noted that if Guevara threw the first punch and had indeed fought Guevara, he wouldn't have worked the main event with Chris Jericho against Daniel Garcia & Bryan Danielson.

Andrade was sent home and there is no word on what AEW plans to do with him now. It was noted that he is under contract for several more years and there is speculation he would like to return to WWE -- part of the reason for this behavior this week.