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Daily Update: Big E, WrestleMania pre-shows, Control Your Narrative

Big E thanks everyone for their support, the start time is set for this year's WrestleMania pre-shows, and more.

Daily Update


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This Week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter: More on Tony Khan & ROH, AEW Revolution review

This Week's Retro Observer Newsletter: February 7, 2005 Observer Newsletter: Royal Rumble review, business year in review

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Wednesday News Update



Other Wrestling

  • In his post-match comments after losing to Tetsuya Naito in the New Japan Cup yesterday, Hiroshi Tanahashi referenced Scott Hall telling him a long time ago that he was the future. Tanahashi said those words motivated him a lot.
  • Kevin Nash wrote about Hall’s passing: “You never realize how much you love someone until you can't.”
  • Bret Hart announced the passing of his niece Tanya Hart: “It’s heartbreaking for the entire Hart Family to learn of the sudden passing of my niece Tanya Hart. Of all the Hart grandchildren, nobody had to deal with a troubled life more than her. Tanya’s mother passed away when she was too young to understand. My late brother Smith had many failings as a man, but being a father was his biggest failure despite how hard he tried. I know that every family member always filled in as best they could with love and kindness, but it would never be enough. Tanya never really found a path to happiness, and losing her weighs heavily on us. We did our best, but it was never enough for this sweet, troubled girl. We will live with all our fond memories with her sweet smile, her love of cats and her calmness in so many storms. She had a difficult life from the very start, and every day was a struggle, but she’s free and at peace finally. Love is all around her now. She will be missed more than she’ll ever know.”
  • A “tell-all interview” with Jeff Hardy will be featured on this Friday’s episode of the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast. Jeff will discuss his AEW debut, WWE departure, and his run with Matt Hardy as Brother Nero.
  • AEW announced its updated roster rankings.
  • Brandon F. Walker of Barstool Sports’ Rasslin’ podcast interviewed The Acclaimed.
  • EC3 announced the rules and regulations for his Control Your Narrative promotion:
    • 1st rule: You are in control.⁣
    • ⁣2nd rule: YOU ARE IN CONTROL!⁣
    • ⁣3rd rule: Fights end when you tap out, get knocked out, can’t stand, or quit. Sanctioned ‘matches’ can end via pin fall.⁣
    • ⁣4th rule: Standard ‘professional wrestling’ rules apply for sanctioned ‘matches.’ Chaos ensues in the PROJECT PIT.⁣
    • ⁣5th rule: No #Superkicks. No #TopeSuicidas. No #CanadianDestroyers.⁣
    • ⁣6th rule: The fight isn’t with your opponent. It is with yourself.⁣
    • ⁣7th rule: Fights will go on as long as they have too. Sanctioned ‘matches’ HIT THEIR TIMES.⁣
    • 8th rule: If you want to #ControlYourNarrative, you have to fight.⁣
  • After it was pointed out that he donated to Drake Wuertz’s political campaign, Biff Busick wrote that he doesn’t support QAnon and thought that he was just lending money to Wuertz: “A wrestling news site article was brought to my attention online. I am not a political person. I do not support Qanon or their beliefs. I thought I was just lending money and I did not knowingly donate to Drake's campaign. I know how ppl with those beliefs can hurt people and I don't want to do that to anyone.”
  • MLW announced that it will be launching a podcast “taking fans behind the curtains” of the promotion.