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Trent Seven, other NXT UK wrestlers moved to alumni section

More wrestlers are now publicly saying they have been released.
nxt uk 4 9 2020

This story was updated at 1:45 PM Eastern Friday.

Amid a day of change for WWE's presence in Europe, more WWE NXT UK wrestlers have been moved to the alumni section of with some confirming their release. first listed several of the names that includes Trent Seven, Xia Brookside and several others. 

Brookside, Sam Gradwell and Kenny Williams all confirmed their releases on social media.




For what it's worth, there are some wrestlers who are still listed as active on (Rohan Raja, Joseph Conners) but are no longer with the organization.

It's unclear what the status of some of these new additions are. Some shared that they were released, others tweeted farewells, and others have yet to reveal their status.

Here's the current list of confirmed releases via social:

  • Sam Gradwell
  • Kenny Williams
  • Xia Brookside
  • Mark Andrews
  • Wild Boar
  • Primate
  • Flash Morgan Webster

Here is the rest of the list, some of which have tweeted farewells while others have yet to say anything:

  • Amir Jordan
  • Dani Luna
  • Dave Mastiff
  • Emilia McKenzie
  • Nina Samuels
  • Rohan Raja
  • Sha Samuels
  • Sid Scala
  • Trent Seven
  • Ashton Smith
  • Jack Starz
  • T-Bone
  • Teoman
  • Amale
  • Eddie Dennis
  • Saxton Huxley

Many of the wrestlers shared thanks and acknowledgements on social media throughout Thursday. 

WWE announced the impending creation of NXT Europe in 2023 with NXT UK "ending in its current form and serve as the foundation for a bigger, better NXT Europe." Two TV tapings were canceled recently and the group will go on hiatus after next month's World Collide special.

Several NXT UK stars like Tyler Bate, Blair Davenport and Gallus appeared on NXT Tuesday night to set up the Worlds Collide event which was yet to be announced at that point.

It's unknown at this point whether WWE will look to re-sign any of the talent listed above once NXT Europe launches and if they revive a TV show when they do.