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Maria Kanellis-Bennett: Tony Khan has reached out to talk potential ROH role

The Impact Wrestling roster member is hoping to talk to Khan soon.
Maria Kanellis-Bennett

According to Maria Kanellis-Bennett, she and new Ring of Honor owner Tony Khan have spoken about a role for her in the company.

At the post-Supercard of Honor media scrum, Khan was asked about her interest in being involved with the AEW owner saying he would be open to having a conversation.

On a podcast appearance with PW Ponderings, the current member of the Honor No More faction in Impact Wrestling said Khan has indeed reached out with the two trying to find time to talk about a potential future.

"I'm hopeful that happens soon. I'm thankful and appreciative that he even reached out to me because I love Ring of Honor. A piece of my soul might have died a little bit when I was released from the company last year because last year was so fulfilling and I loved working with (the women's) division. I'm hopeful that we do find a time to communicate and a lot of our friends are trying to make sure we get in touch. I will keep everybody posted as things come into play," she said.

She said she doesn't want to come in and run ROH, but would "love the opportunity to come in, grow and learn as Ring of Honor grows into what it becomes in the future."

"Every company runs differently. Whether that is producing backstage or writing or being in HR or talent relations, I'm open to any of those things. I did all of them last year. We'll see what comes of it. I'm hopeful and excited," she said.

Her Impact deal expires following this Saturday's Rebellion pay-per-view.

Kanellis-Bennett was part of ROH's Women's Division Wednesday and last summer's Women's title tournament.