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UFC on ESPN+ 72 live results: Marina Rodriguez vs. Amanda Lemos

A battle of strawweight contenders headlines UFC action from the UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

Welcome to's live coverage of UFC on ESPN+ 72: Rodriguez vs. Lemos, emanating from the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The UFC kicks off their month of November with the first of three events taking place during the month, the first back at the home base of the UFC Apex in Las Vegas with a women's strawweight headliner.

Third-ranked strawweight Marina Rodriguez looks to score her fifth straight win and secure a title shot when she battles seventh-ranked Amanda Lemos in the five-round main event. Rodriguez is coming off a decision win over Yan Xiaonan at UFC 272 in March, while Lemos is looking for her second straight win following a submission of Michelle Waterson-Gomez in July.

In the co-main event, two ranked welterweights go to battle as Neil Magny looks to become the all-time UFC wins leader in the welterweight division when he battles Daniel Rodriguez. Also on the main card is a heavyweight battle as Chase Sherman takes on Josh Parisian, a flyweight fight between Tagir Ulanbekov and Nate Maness, and a lightweight battle pitting Grant Dawson against former Olympian Mark Madsen.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 4 p.m. Eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.

*A heavyweight bout between Chase Sherman and Josh Parisian has been scratched from the card due to medical concerns for Parisian.


> Women's Bantamweights*- Tamires Vidal (6-1, 0-0 UFC) vs. Ramona Pascual (6-4, 0-2 UFC)

*Pascual missed weight by one pound

They trade kicks to start. They trade leg kicks. Pascual with a body kick and Vidal counters with a right hand and a body kick. Pascual lands a combo and a knee as Vidal pushes it against the fence. They battle for position against the fence and keep switching but not a ton of action going on. They separate as Pascual lands an elbow. Vidal with a combo. She lands a body kick then a leg kick. Vidal with another leg kick then lands a knee and then a jumping knee drops Pascual to her knees and it is stopped. Impressive finish and UFC debut from Vidal.

Official Result- Tamires Vidal def. Ramona Pascual by TKO (knees) at 3:06 of Round 1

> Flyweights*- Carlos Candelario (8-2, 0-1 UFC) vs. Jake Hadley (8-1, 0-1 UFC)

*Candelario missed weight by 2.5 pounds

They're trading inside the pocket to start things off. They trade leg kicks. They trade left hands and Candelario with a leg kick. Candelario with a combo. Hadley lands a left hand and they trade jabs. They trade jabs and Hadley with some leg kicks. They trade punches and Hadley with a body kick. Candelario with a hard body kick. Hadley landing with a little more volume. Hadley with a combo. They trade combinations. Hadley lands a left hand. Hadley with a combo. They trade inside the pocket. Hadley with a left hand. 10-9 Hadley.

They trade and Candelario slips to the mat but quickly gets up and they clinch for a moment but break. Hadley landing with more volume to start the second out as his combos keep connecting. Hadley with a left hand to the body. Candelario gets a takedown and is in the guard and Hadley goes for a triangle choke and is landing elbows from the bottom. Hadley still landing elbows as he's trying to better secure the triangle choke. Candelario ends up tapping! Great finish by Hadley.

Official Result- Jake Hadley def. Carlos Candelario by submission (triangle choke) at 2:39 of Round 2

> Bantamweights- Liudvik Sholinian (9-2-1, 0-1 UFC) vs. Johnny Munoz (11-2, 1-2 UFC)

Munoz lands some right hands to start. Munoz lands a combo as Sholinian is just mainly throwing fakes to start. Munoz with a leg kick. They trade punches. Sholinian lands a right hand. Munoz lands some leg kicks and a knee to the body. Munoz with a big late combination. 10-9 Munoz.

They trade combos to start the second. Munoz connects with a hard right hand. Sholinian shoots for a long takedown but Munoz sprawls and looks to transition to the back. Sholinian escapes and gets to the feet and is still looking for the takedown against the fence. Sholinian lands some back elbows as Munoz lands some hammerfists while they remain tied up against the fence. Munoz tries to sweep to the back but they end up separating. Munoz with a body kick. Munoz lands a right hand. We have a low blow timeout, but they quickly get back to action. Sholinian lands a right hand. Munoz lands a late right hand. 10-9 Munoz, 20-18 Munoz.

Munoz working the jab to start the third round. Sholinian lands a right hand. Munoz shoots for a takedown and Sholinian is landing elbows trying to defend but Munoz is able to complete the takedown. He works from the top but they end up getting to their feet. Sholinian starting to pressure and lands a right hand. Munoz working the jab. Sholinian landing a little more here in the third. Munoz lands a clean right hand. Munoz scores a takedown. Sholinian lands an elbow. Munoz with some shots from the top at the end as he takes the back. 10-9 Munoz, 30-27 Munoz.

Official Result- Johnny Munoz def. Liudvik Sholinian by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

> Women's Strawweights- Polyana Viana (12-5, 3-4 UFC) vs. Jinh Yu Frey (11-7, 2-3 UFC)

Frey with some early leg kicks as Viana lands a combo. Viana is landing some punches and drops Frey with a combination and it is all over in less than a minute. What a finish by Viana!

Official Result- Polyana Viana def. Jinh Yu Frey by TKO (punches) at :47 of Round 1

> Bantamweights*- Mario Bautista (10-2, 4-2 UFC) vs. Benito Lopez (10-1, 2-1 UFC)

*Lopez missed weight by 2.5 pounds

Lopez with some leg kicks to start. They trade body kicks and Bautista lands a right hand. They trade leg kicks. Lopez with a leg kick. Bautista with a combo. Bautista with some leg kicks and a heavy combo. Bautista with a combo to the body then lands to the head. Bautista with a combo to the head and body. Bautista with a combo and scores a takedown. They scramble and Bautista stands and lands some shots from the top. Bautista gets back on top and looks for an arm-triangle choke but lets go. Bautista gets the mount but moves to side control then switches back to mount as he lands punches. Bautista has the arm and is looking for an armbar. Bautista has a reverse triangle in and lands an elbow and then locks in the armbar and Lopez taps! Dominant showing from Bautista.

Official Result- Mario Bautista def. Benito Lopez by submission (armbar) at 4:54 of Round 1

> Women's Flyweights- Miranda Maverick (10-4, 3-2 UFC) vs. Shanna Young (8-4, 1-2 UFC)

Maverick lands a left hand. She lands another. Maverick with a leg kick. Young lands a right hand. Maverick with a high kick. Young lands a right hand. Maverick with some leg kicks. They trade and Maverick scores a takedown. She has the back and is landing then moves to the mount and continues to land punches. Maverick gets the back late and lands more to end the round. 10-9 Maverick.

Maverick with a left hand and then a body kick. Maverick gets a takedown and is looking to get the mount against the fence. Maverick gets the back and is landing lots of shots from the back trying to set something up. Young escapes to her feet and Maverick scrambles up and grabs the neck. Maverick has the body lock against the fence and lands some knees. Maverick gets it back down and has the back. Maverick gets the mount and is landing lots of big punches looking for the finish. Young gives up her back and Maverick still landing. Maverick looking for the choke late. 10-9 Maverick, 20-18 Maverick.

Maverick lands a left hand after Young landed a right hand. Maverick shoots for the takedown against the fence and ends up scoring it near the center of the Octagon. Maverick has the back and is landing lots of punches as Young has no answer. Young tries to scramble but it gives Maverick better position as she goes for a choke. She lets go and gets the mount and is landing big punches on Young. Maverick returns to back control and lands some punches. Maverick with lots of shots from the back. She looks for a late rear-naked choke. Dominant performance from Maverick. 10-8 Maverick, 30-26 Maverick.

Official Result- Miranda Maverick def. Shanna Young by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)


> Lightweights*- Grant Dawson (18-1-1, 6-0-1 UFC) vs. Mark Madsen (12-0, 4-0 UFC)

*Dawson missed weight by 1.5 pounds

Dawson with a leg kick. Madsen lands a triple jab and a right hand and Dawson is trying for a takedown. Madsen defending and landing hammerfists. Dawson still working for the takedown and gets it. Dawson takes the back and is looking for an opening to work in a choke as he has the body triangle locked in. Madsen with some back punches. Dawson still landing punches from the back though there's not a lot of damage happening to either fighter. Dawson with more punches from the back. 10-9 Dawson.

Dawson with some leg kicks. Madsen rushes in and Dawson drops for a takedown but Madsen escapes. Dawson pressuring with the takedown attempt as he pushes it against the fence. Dawson holding onto the leg of Madsen  and he's able to get Madsen down. Dawson working to get the mount. He gets it and lands some punches. Dawson goes to the half-guard and grinds away and lands heavy ground-and-pound to end round two. 10-9 Dawson, 20-18 Dawson.

Dawson with a heavy leg kick. Dawson with a right hand and lands some kicks. Dawson with a heavy kick then a right hand and Madsen is hurt from the leg kick. Dawson keeps landing the leg kick and then lands a right hand. Madsen lands a right hand. Dawson with another leg kick and Madsen falls down. Dawson jumps on top ad is in the full mount. Dawson with some punches from the top. Dawson has the back and locks in a rear-naked choke and Madsen taps! Complete domination from Dawson.

Official Result- Grant Dawson def. Mark Madsen by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:05 of Round 3

> Flyweights- #15 Tagir Ulanbekov (13-2, 2-1 UFC) vs. Nate Maness (14-2, 3-1 UFC)

Maness with a jab, a couple of punches and leg kick early and Ulanbekov shoots for the takedown, which he completes. Ulanbekov trying to improve position as Maness lands from his guard. Ulanbekov with a couple of elbows from the top. They get to their feet and Ulanbekov has the neck and a deep guillotine choke locked in standing. Maness taps! What a finish from Ulanbekov.

Official Result- Tagir Ulanbekov def. Nate Maness by submission (guillotine choke) at 2:11 of Round 1

> Featherweights- Darrick Minner (26-13, 2-3 UFC) vs. Shayilan Nuerdanbieke (37-10, 2-1 UFC)

Minner with a leg kick. Nuerdanbieke lands a right hand. Minner lands a body kick then grabs his knee. Nuerdanbieke lands a punch and they go to the mat and Nuerdanbieke lands some elbows from the top. He lands some more and it is stopped. Big finish from Nuerdanbieke and an unfortunate injury for Minner in there.

Official Result- Shayilan Nuerdanbieke def. Darrick Minner by TKO (elbows) at 1:07 of Round 1

> Welterweights- #13 Neil Magny (26-9, 19-8 UFC) vs. #14 Daniel Rodriguez (17-2, 7-1 UFC)

Rodriguez lands a left hand. They trade kicks. Rodriguez with a leg kick. He lands another. Rodriguez with two right hands and Magny with a body kick. They trade against the fence. They clinch for a moment but break and trade leg kicks. They tie up after an exchange and Magny looked for a standing choke but ends up getting a takedown. Magny has back control as they stand. Magny has the back as they go to the ground and Magny lands some punches. They stand but Magny still has body control. Magny with left hands from the back and an elbow. Rodriguez lands a late left hand. 10-9 Magny.

Magny lands a couple of high kicks to get things going in the second. Rodriguez with a combo ending with a solid left hand. He lands another left hand. Magny lands a combo as they clinch against the fence. They break as Magny lands a right hand. Rodriguez lands a combination. Rodriguez lands a jab after Magny lands a teet kick. Magny lands a combo. Rodriguez with the jab. They clinch and Magny with a knee. Rodriguez with a left hand. He lands another. Magny grabs the body lock and has the back against the fence. 10-9 Rodriguez, 19-19.

They trade leg kicks. They trade punches and Magny is looking to pressure. Magny with a right hand. Rodriguez lands a big left hand and Magny was wobbled. Magny went for the takedown but ended up pulling guard. They get up and Magny gets the takedown and has the back against the fence and is landing punches. Magny gets the mount and is landing more punches. Magny lands more but they get to their feet. Magny has the neck and drags it down and has a D'Arce choke locked in and Rodriguez taps! What a finish from Magny as he sets the all-time wins record for the welterweight division in UFC history.

Official Result- Neil Magny def. Daniel Rodriguez by submission (D'Arce choke) at 3:33 of Round 3

> Women's Strawweights- #3 Marina Rodriguez (17-1-2, 6-1-2 UFC) vs. #7 Amanda Lemos (12-2-1, 6-2 UFC)

They have a feeling out process to start. They trade some leg kicks after Lemos lands a couple of punches. Lemos with a heavy leg kick. They trade inside the pocket. Lemos with a body kick. Rodriguez lands a leg kick. Lemos with a combo. Rodriguez lands to the body. Lemos tries a takedown but ends up on the bottom and Rodriguez grabs the neck and lands from the top to end the round. 10-9 Rodriguez.

They trade kicks as they feel each other out again. Lemos lands a nice right hand. Lemos with a body kick and follows it with a jab. Lemos gets the trip takedown and has the back and locks in a rear-naked choke. Rodriguez is fighting it and Lemos lets it go. Lemos now gets to the half-guard of Rodriguez and lands some shots. Lemos pressuring from the top but not a ton of action going on. Lemos with more shots. 10-9 Lemos, 19-19.

Lemos with a couple of front kicks to start the third. Lemos with a combo that hurts Rodriguez. Rodriguez is backed up against the fence and Lemos starts throwing a gigantic flurry that connects and the fight is stopped. Rodriguez protested afterwards but it was the right call. Big win for Lemos.

Official Result- Amanda Lemos def. Marina Rodriguez by TKO (punches) at :54 of Round 3