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WWE still working with Netflix on Vince McMahon project

Thought to be dead last month, a McMahon project is coming to Netflix.

A project focusing on Vince McMahon and Netflix that appeared to be dead last month has been revived.

In this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that Netflix is still working with WWE on a "McMahon project" with Chris Smith continuing to remain on board as director and executive producer.

It's unknown what changed since last month's story that Netflix had pulled the four-part docuseries from their schedule due to the hush money scandal surrounding McMahon that resulted in his resignation from WWE.

It's also unknown how different the end product will be from the originally planned series or if Spotify's Bill Simmons (Andre The Giant documentary co-executive producer) is still involved.

It's one of two documentaries that are currently in production about McMahon with Vice working on the other. Those join the McMahon biography "Ringmaster" currently being written by Abe Riesman that comes out next March which is not in conjunction with WWE.

HBO Real Sports is also working on a segment about McMahon.

This week, McMahon was seen for the first time in public following his resignation, celebrating his 77th birthday at a post New York City restaurant with John Cena, Cena's wife, and an unidentified woman.