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Impact Wrestling's Alex Shelley injured following Bound For Glory

Alex Shelley, one half of the now-former Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions, was apparently injured on a piledriver spot at Impact Wrestling's Bound For Glory Saturday.

Before the match started, Josh Alexander of The North gave Shelley a piledriver on the entrance ramp. He never made it into the four-way match, leaving partner Chris Sabin to go at it alone. The North eventually won the titles without pinning Sabin.

It wasn't clear whether the spot was part of the story of the match or if Shelley was injured going into BFG and the move was a way to take him out of it. Black Label Pro announced Sunday morning that Shelley was injured and wouldn't be appearing on their Sunday show as planned.

Shelley took to Twitter Sunday afternoon to explain what was happening:

It's expected that Impact will give an update on Tuesday's TV show on when Shelley might be expected to return and what might be next for Sabin.