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Mike Rotunda, Sarah Stock released by WWE

Following Gerald's Brisco's admission Thursday that his services were no longer needed by WWE, Mike Rotunda and Sarah Stock have also been released.

The news was first reported by PWInsider and confirmed by our Dave Meltzer.

The moves come as WWE began releasing those who were initially furloughed as part of the April pandemic-related financial cuts. 

The 62-year-old Rotunda retired in 2004 and was hired in 2006 as a road agent, reviving his Irwin R. Schyster character for various editions of Raw through the years. Part of a true pro wrestling family, he married the daughter of Blackjack Mulligan (father to Barry and Kendall Windham) and their two sons (Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas) who have both been with WWE for years.

The 41-year-old Stock was with the company for five years after being hired in 2015 as a producer and trainer at the Performance Center. Known as both Sarita and Dark Angel through her career, she has worked for Impact Wrestling, AAA, CMLL, and for both Stardom and Shimmer.