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Report: MJF leaning toward leaving AEW when contract is up

The AEW star's deal isn't up until early-2024, but he isn't shy about thinking ahead.

According to a Fightful report Thursday afternoon, there are still some hard feelings between MJF and AEW that may be leading the young star to look elsewhere in less than two years.

In the report, they said he is "leaning towards leaving AEW as of now when his deal is up." The same website reported that during a "heated" April discussion with AEW head Tony Khan, MJF "wasn’t happy about his contract situation and the pay scale as of that conversation, and we’re told the situation left him soured on many things."

The impetus for that talk was a March interview MJF did with Ariel Helwani that wasn't cleared through AEW PR. Dave Meltzer reported at the time that there was a conversation between both sides and any issues were cleared.

It should be noted that MJF still has nearly two years left on a five-year deal which he signed in 2019. That leaves time for feelings to change, the industry to change, and negotiations on a new deal -- the financials of which may be different in two years depending on the next AEW TV contract and situation at that time.

Fightful reported there has been "at least some progress" on a potential extension with AEW.

It also should be noted that MJF hasn't been shy about going public regarding his potential 2024 free agency in promos (including this week's Dynamite) and interviews, making it part of his AEW storylines without it being the central focus.

He has generated headlines about both wanting to be the highest-paid star in wrestling and alluding to a possible future with WWE with his mutual respect for both WWE's Bruce Prichard and free agent signee Cody Rhodes.

In December, Andrew Zarian reported that both Fox and NBCUniversal became interested in MJF during his promos during the CM Punk angle.