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Daily Update: Kane Month, Tales from the Territories, The Acclaimed

Daily Update


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This Week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

  • Match of the week and Performer of the Week
  • How the hurricane has affected WWE and AEW for this week including changes to AEW programming
  • Update on the Performance Center in Orlando
  • Why Florida is so key to American pro wrestling right now
  • The Bray Wyatt experiment and how it has done so far and what we can learn from it
  • The update on the Wyatt situation
  • TripleMania preview, what Americans are being brought in, lineup, and why some champions aren't there
  • The Five Star Grand Prix finals PPV show
  • What to look out for on the PPV
  • Update on Extreme Rules, matches not announced, and business updates on the next few WWE PPV shows
  • Full coverage of New Japan's major show of the month with Will Ospreay vs. David Finlay
  • New Japan shows in England, U.S. and Japan updates
  • The most detailed update on the ratings from the past week
  • Death of Starman
  • Frequency of recent CMLL deaths
  • Major CMLL debut
  • AAA announces show in the U.S
  • Major international star to make his U.S. debut
  • More on the Keiji Muto farewell tour
  • Notes on Takeshita vs. Higuchi
  • Ric Flair update
  • Territories on Vice notes
  • Young Rock notes
  • Ted DiBiase case makes national news because of Brett Favre
  • Women of Wrestling news
  • Japanese stars headed t the U.S.
  • More on the Von Erichs movie
  • Inventor of the ladder match
  • GCW in Japan
  • Bound for Glory updates and Victory Road coverage
  • Battle of the Belts news
  • Notes on high profile real wrestling fights and how companies handled them
  • Advance ticket sales for AEW & WWE and there i a lot of news regarding that
  • Streaming numbers for AEW & WWE
  • International TV ratings
  • Crazy Dana White story and being told he had ten years left to live
  • UFC signs Bo Nickal, one of the best prospects in years
  • Strange USADA news
  • Lots of new UFC fights
  • Bo Nickal challenges Chimaev and Logan Paul
  • Melvin Manhoef retirement
  • Preview of the Bellator and UFC shows this week
  • What sports entertainment company lost the most money
  • Lots of notes about WWE developmental
  • 25th anniversary of DX Raw notes
  • What PPVs will the top stars be appearing on
  • What was supposed to happen in Drew McIntyre segment on Smackdown
  • Landmark lawsuit verdict coming
  • Big E holds college record
  • A look at all the WWE arena events of the past week and business notes

This Week's Retro Observer Newsletter:

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Wednesday News Update




  • The company announced that the “Scissor Me Daddy A$$” shirt is the number one selling shirt of 2022 on

Other Wrestling

  • Vice uploaded the first episode of Tales From the Territories, focusing on the Memphis territory. The show premiered on Tuesday, scoring 113,000 viewers with a 0.05 rating in adults 18-49, placing 109th for the night.
  • Sirius XM announced that the host of Busted Open Radio, Dave LaGreca, has signed a new multi-year deal.
  • Greg Oliver has a transcript of Joyce Grable’s Cauliflower Alley speech after being awarded the Courage Awards. Grable is currently battling leukemia.
  • Killer Kelly vs. Sawyer Wreck has been announced for Black Label Pro’s Slamilton event on November 12.
  • Former WWE star Alicia Fox became engaged this week.
  • This week’s Aces High column, where Hiroshi Tanahashi looks at wrestling Naomichi Marufuji back in 2012.
  • JesSICKa was a guest on the Women’s Wrestling Talk podcast. When asked about who helped her the most during her run in Impact, she said: “I would have to say that there are two people who have helped me I feel more than anyone and that would have to be Madison Rayne and Gail Kim and actually you know what Christy Hemme as well. When I was at TNA being Havok and stuff like I always remember Christy was in my corner and always supportive always and Christy is like, incredibly creative. So I would have to say it would be those three women who have helped me the most. My match with Madison Rayne at the knockouts knocked down match or show all those years ago is actually what got me my job at Impact. She does it because it does what it takes to have a good match. We've always had really good chemistry. I think I've known Madison Rayne the longest out of everyone in wrestling. She was my first friend in wrestling. There's a lot of history that people don't realize, but Madison Rayne was honestly, she was someone who helped me greatly. Then Gail Kim, obviously like it just takes someone to believe in you. I don't know if Havok would have been so successful the first time around on TV if she did not have an opponent like Gail Kim.”