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Daily Update: Lenny Leonard, Alex Coughlin, Pro Wrestling NOAH

Daily Update


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This Week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

  • Match and performer of the week
  • The life and times of Gene LeBell, MMA, stunt work, pro wrestling, an accessory to a murder, being trained by Lou Thesz, national judo champion, enforcer work in boxing and wrestling, details on the supposed first mixed match in history and later refereeing Ali vs. Inoki, the Bearcat Wright story, Steven Seagal, Bruce Lee, Chuck Morris, Ronda Rousey, Roddy Piper, the Los Angeles wrestling territory
  • Updated G1 Climax report with all the bouts last week, the standings and the final shows
  • Clash at the Castle update
  • Vice's Tales from the Territory, what is and isn't confirmed
  • UFC Saturday night coverage
  • AAA Triplemania preview and Verano de Escandalo coverage
  • The death of the Mexican star TNT, and a look back at a boom period for wrestling in that country
  • The most detailed look at the pro wrestling TV business over the past week
  • More on the CMLL anniversary sow
  • More on the CMLL Grand Prix
  • Konnan and Dorian Roldan talk AAA future
  • *Stardom Five Star Grand Prix update
  • NOAH N-1 tournament
  • Ric Flair talks his last match
  • Dave Bautista movie update
  • Death of Mike Masters/Rocky Jones
  • Former early Raw performer loses race for senate
  • Lots of AEW updates
  • Major star talks going to AEW
  • AEW & WWE streaming numbers
  • Ticket sale updates on AEW & WWE shows
  • UFC new deal in its second biggest market
  • Lots of new major UFC fights
  • Bo Nickal and UFC
  • Vince McMahon's new payments found
  • Questions being asked about a WWE branch
  • Returns of Dexter Lumis, Karrion Kross & Scarlett
  • Women's tag team title tournament
  • New WWE TV show filming

This Week's Retro Observer Newsletter:

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Tuesday News Update



  • Matches taped for Main Event this week include Tamina and Dana Brooke vs. Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H., as well as Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander vs. T-Bar and Shelton Benjamin.
  • The person that attacked AJ Styles during last night’s Raw has been identified as Rajan Husher, who trained at the Battle Arts Academy.
  • WWEMusic has added Apollo Crews’ new theme.
  • Cardi B on Twitter wrote about the Edge and Lita pairing from 2005-6: “I used to love them….they was such a sexy ass couple …This was truly my wwe era …even tho I was a Trish Stratus girl I used to love this couple.:”
  • Matches and segments added to WWE’s YouTube page today includes A Moment of Bliss featuring Sami Zayn from the April 15, 2019 edition of Raw, The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler from the August 12, 2019 episode of Raw, and Riddle vs. AJ Styles from the August 23, 2021 edition of Raw.


  • This week’s AEW Road to, which focuses on the title unification match between CM Punk and Jon Moxley.
  • Tony Khan on Twitter noted that the Dynamite episode featuring Jon Moxley vs. Chris Jericho for the interim AEW World Championship match did record viewership on ITV4.
  • Tony Sciavone and Aubrey Edwards discussed the recent backstage changes in AEW on this week’s Unrestricted Podcast.

Other Wrestling

  • Lenny Leonard, longtime announcer on the independent scene, announced on Twitter that he has decided to step away from wrestling going forward. “After close to 2 decades I just think it’s time to call it a day,” he wrote. “Evolve being sold to WWE and the pandemic closing Japan off to me for the last 3 years pretty much put the wheels for this day in motion a while back. There are only so many spots for announcers on the indy scene and it was very clear that there was not going to be a spot for me being part of one of the televised companies. I’m not using the word retire, not because I plan on coming back, but because wrestling announcing was never my career, but simply something I did.”
  • After NJPW listed him returning on the upcoming Burning Spirit tour, Alex Coughlin on Twitter wrote there had been a miscommunication issue and wouldn’t be returning to the ring just yet. “Sorry if anyone got excited but there was some sort of miscommunication, I won’t be ready to return to the ring for a little while longer- Recovery is going well though, I’m doing everything I can. I WILL be back though, and I will be stronger than ever… eventually.”
  • Pro Wrestling NOAH will allow vocal crowd noise for their October 30 show. Social distancing will remain intact and those in attendance are requested to wear non-woven masks.
  • Stan Hansen will be present for the upcoming Triple Crown title match between Suwama and Kento Miyahara at All Japan Pro Wrestling’s event on September 18.
  • Hisaya Imabayashi, the general manager of DDT, announced he will be leaving the promotion at the end of 2022.
  • The NWA is partnering with MindsEye for this coming weekend’s NWA 74 event to provide audio inside the arena for visually impaired people.
  • Kamille was interviewed by Andrew Thompson ahead of NWA 74.
  • Recently released NXT UK talent Amale has been added to WXW Femmes Fatales card on October 1.