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Daily Update: WWE-Hulu, AEW Road To, Ted DiBiase Jr.

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AEW Grand Slam report, the business, the future angles coming out of the show, ideas for the show for next year, angles, Saraya, Great Muta, business notes, highest TV gates in U.S history including inflation adjusted and warning signs.
Behind the Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul idea and why it's reasons for happening are very different than a traditional PPV main event
CMLL's 89th anniversary show. A report on the major show this year with the hottest crowd and some of the best action and booking.
Updates on Extreme Rules
The U.S. team wins the men's world team championship and places second with women, how the team members did and an 18-year old capturing a world championship
Jose Aldo, the featherweight great, his career and how he helped get featherweights into the UFC
WWE & AEW business over the past two months. What categories are up and down and by how much. Also comparisons to May & June numbers and the most unique note about attendance increases and decrease
Complete coverage of last week's UFC show
Kento Miyahara, All Japan returns to Budokan Hall for its 50th anniversary, and first time since 2004
Dangerous Gate 2002 from Dragon Gate
TV ratings including how each segment on the major shows did
Former WWE wrestler talks about going to CMLL and wants to be in next year's Anniversary main event
Legend from TV boom returns to Arena Mexico
Notes on next week's CMLL Night of Champions fan voting show
Stardom Five Star Grand Prix update
Last match of the Great Muta
Fantastica Mania may be back
Former WWE announcers television show canceled
Former WCW announcer now a network radio news anchor
Former WWE star open movie company
Kurt Angle talks about a return after double knee replacement but notes it probably won't happen
MLW TV taping news
Things is another promotion affect world title
Next questions about WBD long-term
MJF talks his return and future AEW Revolution 2023
Streaming numbers
International TV ratings
The second biggest PPV match of all-time may be rematched in 2023
White Rabbit
NXT changes
Hulu and WWE update
Young Rock update

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Tuesday News Update



  • WWE posted footage on social media following Raw featuring a brawl between Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins.
  • Shawn Michaels was interviewed by the San Antonio Express News about WWE’s upcoming Royal Rumble event at the Alamodome. When speaking about the transition last year to NXT 2.0, he praised the talent involved. “It was all very sudden for all of us [the shift to NXT 2.0] … It was an event where we had to quickly make a lot of changes and get a lot of things accomplished,” he said. “ We had 75 percent of the roster who had just graduated college the year before and had never stepped foot inside [a] wrestling ring. These are young men and women who had to learn on live television for the last 12 months. What we have accomplished here in the last year is nothing short of a miracle in my opinion.
  • Natalya wrote on Twitter: “We are currently in the direct path of Hurricane Ian, but we are in a safe enough spot not near the water, and have been preparing for the storm as much as we possibly can. We haven’t been asked to evacuate but we’re taking the storm very seriously. Hoping everyone stays safe.”
  • PWInsider is reporting that the expiration date for WWE content on Hulu has been pushed back to this coming Friday and that discussion between the two parties are still ongoing.
  • Along with Roman Reigns, the rest of the Bloodline has been advertised for the October 10 edition of Raw.
  • Trish Stratus teased a new project with WWE on Twitter.
  • The company has canceled a 10/16 house show in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Those who purchased tickets will have them refunded.
  • The New Day, including Big E, recently appeared on G4’s Attack of the Show.
  • Free matches added to WWE’s YouTube page today include The Rock vs. The Hurricane in a no disqualification match from the March 10, 2003 edition of Raw, Matt Riddle vs. AJ Styles from the September 27, 2021 edition of Raw, and Goldberg vs. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Lex Luger from the November 8, 2000 edition of WCW Thunder.


Other Wrestling

  • Ted DiBiase Jr., who is currently a defendant in a welfare scandal in Mississippi that also involves former Mississippi governor Phil Bryant, Brett Farve, and his father, is alleging that Bryant cut welfare funding to a nonprofit because its director supported the Democratic candidate in the 2019 governor’s race. Federal authorities are currently attempting to seize DiBiase Jr.’s house because of his role in the scheme.
  • Teddy Long has released a “You Got Blocked Playa” t-shirt after his Twitter account was hacked over the weekend, causing many people to be blocked by Long’s account.
  • Vice has released a poster for Tales from the Territories, which will begin to air next Tuesday.
  • Impact+ now has a Best of Eddie Edwards category that is streaming for free.
  • Heath was interviewed by the Hindustan Times.