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Daily Update: ROH Death Before Dishonor fallout, Brock Lesnar, Google trends

Dave Meltzer's Sunday news update.

Daily Update


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July 25, 2022 Observer Newsletter: Tony Khan on ROH's future, G1 Climax 32 begins

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June 13, 2005 Observer Newsletter: WWE Draft Lottery begins, UFC 53 recap

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Sunday News Update

  • For the weekend, Bryan and I did a big show on Friday night talking nothing but Vince McMahon and WWE updates, and we talked some on last night's show as well as talked the ROH PPV and Brock Lesnar, took questions and other news. We'll be back tomorrow night after Raw for another show.
  • The biggest stuff coming out of last night's ROH PPV show is this:
  • Jonathan Gresham was very unhappy regarding losing the title, going on first and the length of time of the match. There was a report he cussed Tony Khan out. Neither Gresham nor Khan have spoken publicly on it. We were told that the actual meeting between the two was private and both agreed not to publicly talk about it. The belief is that Gresham quit but that's word among the talent who were there and not confirmed but all indications are the relationship for now is over. Gresham had done an interview on Friday with the WrestlingPurists brand and he said he and Khan have had very little communication and noted he showed up at TV one day a few weeks ago and was told Tully Blanchard was managing him. It was noted how he went out without his ring entrance headpiece. It was said that he left while preparing the match at one point and from talent there it would said he was not being praised at all. One report was that he left right after the match was over.
  • The interview is at 43:05 of this video where he said he has no relationship or communication with Tony Khan. He did say some cryptic things taped the day before the show that aired after the match was over. You could tell he had things he was concerned about.
  • Blanchard is believed to be gone from AEW and ROH. Tony Khan wouldn't answer questions when asked if he would be back and only said that Prince Nana is now in that spot having purchased Tully Blanchard Enterprises in storyline. 
  • Parker Boudreaux is with the TrustBusters. Because his debut with the group hasn't aired yet on Dark, Khan decided not to bring him in as part of the group since they did the big debut on an already taped episode that has yet to air.
  • SmackDown on the fast nationals did 2.16 million viewers and 0.55 in 18-49, which would indicate a final number well up from the past few weeks. It's not at the level of the first show after the first Wall Street Journal article but it's clear the Vince McMahon news on the day of the show helped the rating.
  • Regarding Brock Lesnar, he left the building right after the Tweet from Vince McMahon saying he was retiring broke in the locker room. He returned to the building at 8:30 p.m. They had rescripted the segment but were in communication with him. We were told both sides wanted it confidential as far as how it went down. The company felt it was imperative to get him back. They did not want it to look like things were not in control on the first day Vince was gone. They did not want the story to be that the person they consider the most famous male wrestler in the company walked out of a show he was advertised on and put SummerSlam's main event in jeopardy on the first day with the new management team.
  • Regarding Google searches this past week, yesterday's UFC show had 250,000 searches which is more than usual for a Fight Night, but Paddy Pimblett is clearly a big star as he had 200,000 of those searches related to him. He cut a strong promo after his fight among a friend who had committed suicide. It's always worth noting that there are suicide hotlines if you are feeling depressed and that people do care.
  • The only other Google search item this past week was Vince McMahon No. 5 on Friday at 200,000.
  • We're looking for reports from the NXT weekend shows in Melbourne, FL and Cocoa, FL as well as tonight's show in Utica, NY to
  • We're also looking for your thoughts on last night's ROH PPV so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to
  • Raw tomorrow in Madison Square Garden is legitimately sold out a day in advance with more than 12,800 fans. As we've noted, WWE tapings have been drawing much bigger the past few weeks, both on the Raw and Smackdown sides. Roman Reigns, Logan Paul and Ronda Rousey were all pushed as well as the 20th anniversary of Rey Mysterio's WWE debut in a tag match with Dominik vs. Finn Balor & Damian Priest. The Usos & Reigns vs. Street Profits & Riddle match is advertised locally as the main event, but it could be dark match.
  • As noted last night, the preliminary indicators for the ROH show as far as streaming buys, which are the majority of PPV buys for ROH, were up substantially from the first show in April.
  • In our weekend recommended matches, FTR vs. Briscoes from the ROH show is like a classic match from the 80s, Yoshi-Hashi vs. Shingo Takagi from yesterday's G-1 is a great one as well. The Syuri vs. Tam Nakano World of Stardom title match from today that I haven't seen has gotten a lot of praise as well. Josh Alexander had a big match yesterday with Konosuke Takeshita for GSPW that was a time limit draw as well (not sure how long it went but am looking for any notes on that bout). They then talked about wanting a no time limit match. 

Other Notes

  • Clark Connors is out of action with a herniated disc. On the Ric Flair retirement show, the Connors vs. Ren Narita match is now Narita vs. Yuya Uemura.
  • Garden State Pro Wrestling from Newark, NJ yesterday: Alan Angels b Kevin Blackwood, Heather Monroe & Bailyan Akki b Dark Sheik & Jai Vidal, Titus Alexander b Calvin Tankman, Jordan Oliver & Charlie Tiger & Griffin McCoy b Marcus Mathers & Reid Walker & Austin Luke, Taya Valkyrie b Trish Adora to retain the AAA Reina de Reinas title, Bryan Keith b Effy, Robert Martyr b Davey Richards, Miyu Yamashita won three-way over Janai Kai and Billie Starkz, Josh Alexander d Konosuke Takeshita.
  • Dalton Rosa, who appeared on a number of episodes of Dynamite as one of the ATT guys with Junior Dos Santos, Andrei Arlovski, Paige VanZant and Austin Vanderford, was on Friday's Bellator show and went to 7-0 with a third round TKO win over previously unbeaten Romero Cotton.
  • STW from last night in Perth, Western Australia: Chadwick Johnson b Fiazal Keris, Chris Target won a control card on a pole mach over Marco Garcia, Chadwick Johnson, Johnny Dux, Tommy Dux, King Shahl and Ryan Riveras, George Milanko b BJ LangKey, Roger Kargius b Cannon Connors, Mikey Nicholls d Julio over 10:00, Stella Nyx b Xena, Felix Young b Jarrad Slade, Rogan Karguis b Felix Young, Lucas Fantasia b Lena Kross, Del Cano b Caveman Ugg, Julian Ward and Craven to win the STW title in a match where Del Cano would have unmasked had he lost, Chris Target b Del Cano to win the title. Adam Brookes was scheduled but worked for Melbourne City Wrestling that night.
  • Buddy Matthews of AEW won a Ballroom Brawl Rumble for Melbourne City Wrestling. Lena Kross and Xena no the show are doing U.S. tours with Xena based on the West Coast from 8/22 to 10/2 and can be booked at Kross will be based out of the East Coast in September and for bookings she can be reached at (thanks to Kevin Chiat)
  • Deadlock Pro Wrestling on 8/6 at 6 p.m. in Raleigh, NC with Emi Sakura, Dante Martin, ASF, Gringo Loco, La Estrella from Dragon Gate, Andrew Everett, Rosemary and Konosuke Takeshita.